Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Another Rainy Day


Haven't had one of these in a while, when I woke up this morning the Sun still wasn't up because I have yet to deal with shorter days and still keep setting my alarm clock for Summer hours in complete denial of Winter. So I was sitting here reading my blog roll list and started hearing the pitter patter of rain on the window. Then I checked my email and it was clean... OMG I thought do I have nothing today? Sure enough after something like two full months of constant deliveries I have a day off!!!!

That was not entirely true really. I did find a full sized Transit van sitting off by itself Tuesday with no paperwork and a suspicious double row of duct tape on the window. The kind that they like to put on replacement windows so they don't fall out kinda stuff. After a bit of sleuth work I found some paperwork from a private transport company out of Indiana with a destination from somewhere in Michigan... No mention of a window replacement either. So I logged it in and documented it all just encase and yesterday right before I left work to deal with Lilly's remains I got in and started pushing on the windshield to see if it was dry and all that. 

I didn't push very hard until I thought to myself..."Idiot what ya gonna do if this windshield gives?" "Sit here with an entire windshield on your lap yelling for help? Around here since it's me that everyone sees everyday but can't figure out what I do I am liable to still be sitting there screaming for help until next week". 

I had that kind of scenario happen to me when Lincoln put electric door latches in before their time. I still have nightmares about it.... And we don't sell Lincolns anymore thank the Lord.

So my rational yesterday was to give it one more day to dry just to be sure. I announced my plans to the few people that in the dealership that would care or really even know what a Transit van is and that is why I have a day off today. Yay Me.  I even called em just a few minutes ago and there were no emergencies yet that required my attention and I still have aclear email. No way that will last until tomorrow besides I got to finish that paperwork up regardless.

So I decided to go over my portfolio that I have barely looked at due to disgust since BiteMe's reign started and actually noticed  a fair amount of increase in a few areas. Definitely not areas I was expecting and yet the areas that make sense to me are losses. I have actually found myself with extra cash lately, due to all the extra hours at work not alot like the big rollers like most readers here would call a lot but for some poor offspring of dirt farmers in Missouri enough to do something with. 

Trouble is what? Banks are not doing well by all account. Nothing makes sense so far and everything I see that might be worth investing in will probably be taxed into oblivion soon anyway to help with rent control for Democrats or something like that. Or handed out for Student loan payments directly too professors I imagine. Finally I just closed the whole thing in disgust I figure I will lose whatever I got one way or another anyway Unless I buy something I can grow something on and everyone says that is crashing now that the Government gravy train is down too so why bother?

It just don't matter what ya do I guess. Maybe a class teaching my 61 year old wife how to defend the place while I am at work is in order? I tried teaching her how to shoot once. I think I traded that truck in years ago because of the hole in it.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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