Wednesday, August 23, 2023

You Ain't Been Around...


I went in to work today specifically to finish up the deliveries I had waiting after the fiasco of the IT guys destroying everything yesterday. By mid afternoon yesterday I had managed to get everything up for today but sometime on my way home another delivery had come in and the salesman began complaining he needed it delivered to the customer by 6PM. Someone wanted  me to come back in and get it ready for them, which I didn't but they still tried and did it wrong so first thing this morning I went to fix it to find out that the reason they needed it done last night was so the salesman could have today off.

I just looked at them. we have two days to get these vehicles done and some salesman thinks it's our job to protect his day off in a few hours from a late delivery? Of course when I got back the computer systems are still off line. 

These kids do a complete refit on the computer system before checking compatibility or problems and then believe they can schedule a paid day off the following day? 

Where did they go to school? BiTemEs fantasy land elementary 101?

Oh it gets better. While trying to get the new deliveries sorted out I get to listen how one young lady is panicking to find out her new car cannot be written up for insurance because the company she uses is not adding new coverage until next year now unless she pays the new fee (for addons) which she cannot pay now as her account is being changed. Then of course the insurance company just stopped answering their phone calls period. As far as I know the financial company stopped too in there somewhere.

My computer still isn't working. Am I am not alone.

I haven't even read any news on the BRICKS meeting on any thing else today except BiteMe's new plan for student loan forgiveness. Oh and the new Covid Lock downs and more rent forgiveness coming soon supposedly.

And add in another reported housing price drop of 15% by July. With more than enough time to cover the new government approximation for the brand new Property Taxes.

I tell you now there is a reason I plan on eventually becoming a survival and gardening  blog full time eventually because I imagine that is where we are going to be by the time Winter is finished. Just getting through the preliminary theft till them right now so we know what our finale state is going to be.

I don't think these people have any clue how bad it is going to get before we even find ourselves at that point.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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