Thursday, August 24, 2023

Card Tricks


Who watched the Republican debate thing last night? I stayed with my favorite blogger/comedian which is Crowder who switched around a bit and even joined the Trump/Tucker thing some. I actually believe I heard the word Rebellion openly mentioned once on Fox news. 

Only take away I got really is there is an open refusal of same old government types these days period. Not sure it is enough yet to matter or have enough time to make a difference without a more dramatic change in strategy yet but it still has to change to get around the paid voters and padding that has already been put in place by the Democrats to date. Is that change in the cards yet? I doubt it but mush closer now than I have seen I will give it that.

I believe some people are starting to wake up to the lies but those damn Femocrats are buying new recruits and supporters faster than their lies can be exposed I am afraid. 

BiteMe's newest Student loan forgiveness this time just uses current (and legal) programs that reduce the payment but then adds a moratorium on the principal balance that can be carried effectively adding up to about 1K a year. So another words, in general, you can hold off say 30K of payments at the start just to owe 30K at the end. I guess if you are only focused on the short term or perhaps an experimental parachute test jumper profession for a living it might be a good deal for you, not your beneficiaries. My bet is it wont pass SCOTUS either but could reduce a payment by a good bit for a while until the Democrats run out of money again.

I then read an article out of Zero Hedge where some 200 Million in fraudulent PPP stimulus loans have been identified approx followed by a plethora of new layoffs around the country.

BRICKS added mostly Peninsular based arab countries to their group today, I Saw.

And it appears used car sales are beginning to slow down alot these days now but yet repo's are not?

If I didn't already have it done, I would recommend anyone able, that needs to,  to start building their garden area for next year now. Although I don't use yearly tillage myself, for your first year it is usually mandatory. Fully till the area to break up the space and get rid of any compression in the soil that you are sure to have, while you have time begin your ground cover to suppress new weed growth too. You will get new weed growth of course but give that early ground cover time to break down and add to the new soil over winter than clip the new growth weeds in spring while mulching heavily on top of them will give you a nice newly boosted bed to start your growth from next year.

If you have a garden going now of course you will probably have to wait until harvest is done.

Gonna be a long Winter seeing how deep they have stuck us this time!!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. These things have devolved into circuses, haven’t they? They’re all actors, none will do what they say they will, all are for sale to the highest bidder, and nothing will change until people put a stop to it.

    1. Filthie - No kidding. We need some recourse other than waiting on their business partner to have em charged I think.

  2. Oliver Anthony - I Want To Go Home - Video

    ps. would you please add CC to your blogroll? Thanks!


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