Monday, June 5, 2023

It's Official


We got our official appraisal for the farm from the county today. By their reasoning our old 19th century farm house has raised in value by 57K while our acreage of hay fields and pastures believe it or not decreased in value because we now, by the counties reckoning,  have an industrial building next to us. That by their standards lowers the price of our undeveloped acres by 500 dollars total. That was a surprise I must say.

57K despite there not being a new house built with in line of sight of our house  not to mention the fastest appraisal change I have ever witnessed this particular county actually get done in over 30 years even when new building is involved.

Going from what I have seen in the past and this being the third year in a row the appraisal comes in above the year before I am guessing only a minimal raise in our actual tax bill. The actual appraisal have always been way under market price and usually a very small percentage of the total for taxes but under these condition I am preparing myself to be surprised come November.  

Due to the quickness of time and a few other things I suspect some shadiness at work here and some head turning towards the actual rules and regulations but I doubt there is any lawyer in 200 miles that would look into the matter for any reasonable amount. I am guess just at first that even though there is new construction within a few miles the real reason for a 57K residential increase is more that the guy who bought the field and put in a so called industrial building is also declaring the rest of the land is going to be residential even if no houses actually ever get built.

I pretty much expected that would happen but I am currently still attempting to find as many old rusted tractors and implements that I can find to park in my hay field right across the road from where this guy wants to put the entrance to the building lots. I will then put up a poorly hand painted sign that says " PP's rusted old Junk and salvage yard"  And all my old equipment can stay there until the day I die rusting away and ruining the new resident's view of my property. 

Maybe I can found a trust called the care and treatment of rusty old tractors to keep the place open for a few years after I am gone too.

On to other news I found some of my old pulleys hanging in an out building so I am now preparing to try and repair my barn door that blew down in the storm by using the pulley and my tractor to get it back in place and just nailing it there until I am ready to replace it. I still want to move my chickens back into the barn but I need to construct a fully enclosed sleeping chamber for them. I started getting this in order before the scamdemic got going and already had the wall constructed behind the door that blew over so it isn't like it was usable anyway.

The first blooms are popping out on my volunteer tomatoes now but I can't remember what I had there as far varieties go last year so it'll be interesting to see. Not that I care as I just LOVE fresh tomatoes I will devour them raw (as if there is any other way to eat tomatoes) as soon as they are ripe anyway. I may give some to a few select friends too though as I am already being asked at work by the other tomato lovers. My seedling plants are barely beginning to take off so no blooms yet and with this drought I may just need to clone a few of these apparently very hardy volunteers whatever they end up being.

Lastly I am all caught up from the delivery week from Hell. I got a total of 51 new vehicles in and five of them where even delivered before our in house people got them into our own system. I do not believe I have ever seen that many ordered new vehicles come in that fast in like 15 years of doing this. I was actually a bit stunned by the whole thing and even this morning I came across several vehicles, including two full sized transit vans that just kind of magically appeared sometime on Sunday while no one was looking. With no paperwork or Bill of Lading either but luckily I did find where we had actually ordered them this time so adding them into our stock was quick and easy.

I can say exactly how and I am not going into news I have heard from other sources anywhere today but we are heading for  anew normal of some kind that much seems obvious. Just not sure what is going to look like yet.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!






  1. You could also put up another sign (also in poorly painted lettering) saying something like "coming soon, PP's metal recycling"

    I have never seen a small business recycling place that didn't look like a trashy hellhole. It would dovetail perfectly with your rusted farm implements.


  2. Hogs!

    We had a neighbor who bought scrapper school buses at the salvage yard and used them to raise hogs.

    Then, one year, he inexplicably stopped. He sold a lot on the corner to some yuppies.

    The next year he got back into the hog business.

    If the yuppies complained, they were probably told that farmers are allowed to farm.


    1. Eaton - If I was a bit younger hogs would be perfect but mostly the winds go in the op posit direction.

  3. When we were searching in 2008 for a place with a little acreage, we were hopeful because the housing market had collapsed and homes were going for really "cheap." I figured land prices would drop too, but the didn't. That really surprised me, and of course I couldn't help but wonder why. In your case, I would think the value of your land would rise too as a symbol of economic growth, but maybe it's a ploy to attract investors.

    1. Leigh - I think ag land in general here are going down but really the only reason is them putting in houses and the industrial building. The industrial building is the only thing actually done and that is actually listed in their own regulations as a reduction. Otherwise I doubt they would care.


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