Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Reading - It's Getting Hot


The older I get the less I find I can tolerate heat. This is nothing new as long as 15 years ago I was searching for a North American location that stayed relatively lower than 70 degrees on average but also averaged less than 30 days below 0 a year. I think there was some island in Washington state that actually made it in mean temps but not every year of course and the cost to move there and live came out somewhere in the range of just renting a hotel room for life in Fiji or something like that. Of course this was a while back so no telling what it runs now.

Not only have we been getting record heat waves this week but the over night lows that keep me healthy and refreshed this time of year have been absent as well. I can typically handle high temps during the day but  not the nights too. I always like to have one balance out the other.  To top it off I did my quarterly expenditure valuation the other day and I found with my now randomly reduced hours and all the extra money I have paid out for roof repairs lately we averaged more money out than we got in this Spring and early Summer. A fair number of my investments are no longer paying out what they used to either. I say a quarter but honestly I have not been watching our financials as close as I used to for probably 6 months or more now it's been so busy. The end result is I am forcing a bit of a cut back on our own spending. I have just been buying whatever I think I need the last year without really keeping track now and this new inflation is going to force me to start paying more attention once again.

Counting last weekend and the holiday along with a renewed push in deliveries the rest of the week I was swamped up until yesterday with a little left over for tomorrow as it is. I don't know what went on but every Factory turned up the volume last week and I just had delivery truck after truck from Thursday until yesterday. My now favorite driver showed up and once again hit the power lines and ripped the satellite box and a chunk of the roof skin off an ordered Maverick to boot.  The Maverick was pre-ordered by the owner's nephew too.

I then had to suffer through the fact that my back office girl (I am allowed to call her girl even though we are the same age as we also grew up together with all the same friends) went on vacation to Florida this week and left me with the B list replacements to work with. My efficiency falls by about 50% when she is gone so everything was taking me about twice as much time to finish as usual. I sent her nasty replies to all her selfies from some beach on the Gulf, and made sure I parked one of my problem vehicles right in her favorite parking spot for tomorrow when she gets back. I put the keys in a special spot too so I know no one will move it before she gets in too. I had like three F-150's drop shipped from Dearborn and 2 other vehicles with no paperwork come in Friday too that I still have not gotten straightened out. Plus I was sent a new notepad thingy I am suppose to figure out how to start using and taking pictures of all new deliveries with Tomorrow. I am told everything is preset and there will be no problems with it. 

I wouldn't bet on it.

So as if everything wasn't already bad enough I managed to have a break Friday afternoon to take a nap before it was time to start mowing once again. I was awoken to what sounded like a tornado after like an hour of blissful air conditioned sleep  and soon a branch from one of my trees slamming into the side of the house and falling into the drive way. A big branch too but luckily no damage but I had to cut it in half to even move it and it was followed by the remains of one of my old barn's sliding doors. Not a weak metal sliding door like a garage door but something on an old oak X frame with half inch planks that weighs more than I can lift by myself and an 18th century roller thing that was custom made by some blacksmith in 18something. That door had been frozen in place for years so I left it alone but always said I was going to replace it. Well whatever that wind was took care of my procrastinating there is that. I already had a wall built behind it anyway so there isn't a big hole or anything in the side of the barn but I got to paint behind it now and get rid of the 100 ton wooden door now too.

So after the first three days of June I think I am good for the entire month now against bad things. I still haven't got my grass mowed yet though.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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