Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Last Weeks Leftovers


As you all know I was still cleaning up last Week's residue yesterday. I would be so much more productive if these little issues wouldn't just pop up and demand so much extra time but I still have made some good progress today. A little update my wife's debit card was declined last week, something I cannot remember ever happening before but come to find out her paycheck somehow got deposited into her account on time and then was for some reason withdrawn again. So we had to wait until today to find out what was going on. She called em Friday which was when she noticed her account was now way lower than it had been on Wednesday and no one could tell her why, what or anything since of course everyone with answers was gone already on vacation. The bank simply said the payroll company had taken the funds back.

No one she works with or for had a clue either and by the time we got an answer from the payroll company it was just a "mistake" with no explanation. Funny if the company I work for did that to me she would be on my ass for answers but since it was her "Money" problem I am of course not allowed to ask any questions or expect answers. The problem was fixed I guess and all is well now but I wonder if it had any relation to all the other glitches and problems I have seen reported across the country for last week with accounts and money not being available by customers from many random banks.

To tell you the truth I could have had problems myself for all I know but being out of debt the only surprises I might ever get would be if some membership bounced or maybe a phone bill. Perhaps an electric bill maybe? I cannot remember ever having any of those happen in 20 years as there is nothing I pay for that isn't well below the reserve I have in place and I try to never use a card at any store because the telecom can go screwy anytime without warning. Still depending on timing I could get hit just as easily I guess. 

Still it was a wake up call for me cause even though I have made it my priority to be insulated from such surprises I now saw first hand that these stories of banking issues are not just made up isolated instances. Like I can't see that as our investment accounts take a beating anyway but it really hit home when the wife had go to work Sunday and had no cash and no way of getting cash transferred due to the week end and holiday. 

Believe me I did use it as an "I told ya so moment" which she didn't appreciate one bit.

I hafta admit my wife is more frugal than I am usually and against over spending and very responsible with money otherwise we would not get along but she suffers from believing certain "powers" without question and being too trusting of government stories that do occasionally cause us some conflict. She has blinders on in some situations that occasionally annoy the hell outta me.

So today I found homes for all but one of my remaining tomato seedlings (which are barely seedlings now) and two remaining tobacco plants. I also got the barn door put back into place. I could lift it easily waist high and then push it back where it belongs but I could not lift it and then transition it to pushing on my own. It was just too heavy for me alone.  I lifted it waist high and stuck a couple of two by fours to hold it up and then backed the tractor blade under it to get it past the breaking point and went around and finished pushing it into place against the barn. Then I figured out that my arms were too short to hold the door and screw in the new brace to hold it there so I had to let it down again, have the brace in place on one side, start all over again but where I could then swing the brace down while I attached the otherside.

Which means that without help the entire process only took me two hours plus putting everything up for something I could have done in 5 minutes on my own even a few years ago.  

I am slowly adjusting to this old man alone kinda thing though. At least this time I had all the stuff I needed even if I still need to work a bit on flow and logistics it seems. I never even thought about my arms being too short.

Once the door was taken care of I managed to make my first raid against a Buffalo Burr infestation I been fighting for years. It is now less than half the size it was but I cannot let it go very long or it will be everywhere. It came back as the sheep keep the area cropped pretty low but many of my old problem spots have been kept in check this year because I closed the areas off and let the fescue choke out the low weeds. Allowing the grass to grow and chocking out these weeds was not an option I had before this year but it appears to be working.

With all the mulching, planting, roof and mower repairs done, and if the doors would stop falling off my barn I can actually get some problem areas back under control now. I just wish this heat would let up some.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Damn, it is as luck passed you by... I agree, I am seeing way too many glitches in the banking system and I am not a banker or economist, but I slept in a Super 8 next door to a Holiday Inn.

    1. Cederq - Well it was a kinda bad week, more so for the wife than me I guess. We our going to have to watch our spending some going forward but none of our real wealth was touched fortunately!!!


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