Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Bric Wars Stage 3


Whenever someone tells you this recession or whatever they call it is just like the one back in 07 or 08 keep in mind they have no actual clue what they are talking about. Or at the very least are trying to be politically correct about the whole thing and avoiding many facts to get to their conclusion. Sure there are many things that are similar to the  08 dip to a tee and there is a reason for that. Many of the reasons that down turn happened were brought on by the same failed ideology, vote buying and political favoritism our corrupt Democrat politicians are still using today but on a slightly smaller scale back then. 08 was just a test run that had been planned for and financed by other world players for a decade before it hit. 

The majority of the world learned from the Cold War. They knew then it was far easier and cheaper overall to encourage the greed and corruption they saw from the West in their enemies than to actually fight them. Why waste trillions when you can invest and encourage just the type of behavior in an enemy that you want? By the time it is over your enemy will make even more enemies by the very actions you help to finance.

The US and the West has fallen for this scheme hook line and sinker.

The Ukraine war was inevitable, any fool can see how it could be manipulated to occur exactly when it needed to occur. It was stage 2 and it is still going. Anyone with half a brain could tell you how the same criminals would infiltrate that country and try and use it for their own immoral play land. We saw it happening as early as 2008 openly. Rather than cut losses and run the Feminist lead Western Governments will never admit defeat. They will fight until the last Ukrainian is killed and the last bit of wealth can be seized from the Western prisoners for it.

During this time our world enemies learned how much they needed to avoid any ill effects of removing the West as the main customer of choice. Resources were collected, friends made and preparations prepared and more money paid until they knew the West was addicted and the bad decisions had become terminal and had no chance of changing.

We are entering stage three now as the allied opposition tightens it's hold. This next phase will be an energy and resource war as one aspect is nothing more than a continuation of the oil tanker wars from the 80's and 90's. I believe the world has even less tanker capabilities now than it did back then if I am not mistake. Russian forces maybe draining the Western Militarizes dry but other allies are simply chomping at the bit to begin draining the vaunted US Navy and running it ragged as well.

The masculine lead world is not going to take the same disrespect and domineering slights the way Western Men have because they don't have too. They are not trapped as Western Men have been for decades. The West's enemies are united against the failed policies of the Western Liberals.

This is why this down turn is nothing at all like 08. There is just no rhyme or reason as to what these Liberal Feminist politicians will do next to save themselves. Demanding the financially solvent pay for those less so? Done!! Confiscate everything they can think of. Guns, Gold, Land, pension accounts, social security. Already Started and partially done!! There is no end to what they will do all in the name of whatever made up social reason they can concoct. There is just no way to prepare for such government theft and over reach.

There are no rules and nothing is sacred going forward if you are under the yoke of Western Democrats. There is no medium of wealth safe as they starve from their own mistakes. AT least until enough people join together and protect each other anyway. Many very intelligent people have seen this coming for decades it too was inevitable. 

It's gonna be a totally different outcome than any knows at this stage but nothing will be safe. Nothing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. david icke who has unorthodox spiritual views, is a prophet
    saw him foretell exactly the russia/china/ ukraine entanglement about ten years ago
    must have seemed fantastic then but now is coming true in front of us all.
    i just hope the traitors and federal thieves and their cohort starve along with those of us condemned by their evil doing
    p.s.- read that volcanic activity off the west coast is concerning. perhaps your son should come home for a while. unless he prefers volcanoes to new madrid earthquakes?

    1. deb - There was a small group of people that saw the Bric nation(s) rise against Western dominance back in the 90's which is where the very name Bric was coined if I remember right. I have heard very little about or surrounding Icke in years these days but Reptillian's always seemed to fit some facts as senseless as the culprits were. My son is so enamored with his girlfriend a volcano could rise right next to him and he wouldn't notice. Not that I blame him she is a very sweet and good natured young lady but very West Coast liberal in her views. I have a feeling the both of them will end up back here someday but with her influence right now my son sees Missouri as a wasteland furthest from any bright spot in the universe.

    2. ...If your son thinks MO is a wasteland, he hasn't seen the Left-Wing parts of California! There is hope though. Some gurul posted on TikTok about being in "the most dangerous situation (she'd) ever been in in (her) life. That situation? She was eating breakfast in a restaurant a stone's throw from my locale, when ALL OF A SUDDEN the STAR SPANGLED BANNER STARTED PLAYING ON THE TV'S AND EVERYONE GOT UP, STOOD HAND OVER HEART, AND SANG ALONG!!! ...God, I like to see snowflakes melt!!! ..The pendulum reversal will start here first... Mark my words...

    3. Pete - He thinks it is a social wasteland but that is mostly his Girlfriend talking IMO. To show how out of touch he is on purpose he knows nothing about even the Oregon independence movement from the very state he lives in now. I am not worried he really needs to experience the Leftist lies on his own and he will learn. AT least I think he will :)


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