Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday Reading - Western Collapse Day 732


My planting is done, unless I add in something but I won't know that until I do it as any extra planting will just be spontaneous cause I can sort of stuff type of thing. I still have some space and stuff I could use if I wanted to. I did get 12 pumpkin plants started for the patch which I won't plant now until at least July. I like to be past the main squash bug dangers before putting in too many pumpkins. 

I used about 200 gallons of stored rain water on this planting and finally ran my irrigation hoses yesterday.  I have a frost spigot out there for garden and stock use but since I now have no stock isolated out that far and the spigot stopped working this Winter I just decided to not even get it repaired. I may at some point but I was really more interested in seeing how far I could go on just run off from my garden shed to be honest and see how far into the growing season I could get from day one salvaging what I have on hand. No inputs from the outside as kinda trial run if you will. It has been a really dry Spring around here too and so far I have managed to get by using only rain water and a large open top storage tank. I think if I sink some money into it I could probably go indefinitely especially using the hay mulch to retain moisture. 

Of course it hasn't been really hot and dry here yet, so I imagine I will need water inputs before August unless I do add some new equipment for storage at least. So far it's just been minor watering to keep the seedlings alive a bit. I am going to look into some better storage solutions that will need to be drained each Winter but I have a few feet of height yet to work with and if I go under ground I got several useless hand pumps around too as our old wells have dried up.

I haven't written much about the Ukraine situation much lately as little seems to change but I saw it mentioned that there is a BRIC meeting scheduled in Western Russia in June. I also saw where several Western "journalist" are going on about Bakmuht(sp?) still and a Ukraine offensive is coming or how Russia is making little progress etc. My theory about Ukraine has not changed. Russia cares nothing about anything West of the Dnieper in my opinion and are only there as a constant thorn in the Western Side. All part of the BRIC nations waiting game as they wait for reality to take it's toll.

Until then it's the only money laundering and power game Western Liberal Feminist have I guess  unless they can get something going with China.

For this Summer I have three experiments going between the water issues, new Potatoe and Corn planting methods and I am planting a few Tobacco plants again this year, so I guess 4 experiments. We will see how they turn out so far the Corn is not looking very worthwhile to be honest.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


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