Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Never Seen It This Bad


So the delivery terminal out of St. Louis for vehicles has been a PITA for as many years as I can remember. Since most of the deliveries I get come from that terminal I figured all the problems were just due to the laws of numbers and averages and just ignored it for the most part. Things like deliveries on the lot in the middle of the night but no keys left that then mysteriously show up in an already checked drop box two days later, stuff like that. When I saw we had Memorial Day and then end of month two days after I figured I was going to be hit hard this weekend what I didn't expect was for it to start off Sunday morning and then culminate in something like 8 individual loads of one truck per load, all from the same place mind you, for Monday.

That is eight individual Semi-Trucks and trailers. One per vehicle and I am betting eight different drivers plus a trainee each, one per truck. AT holiday pay I imagine.  

Luckily I saw something like this coming so I went into work yesterday and had em all straightened out physically yesterday but it still took me five hours to get the paperwork in order this morning. Funny they had plenty of drivers making holiday pay but no one in the office to keep the paperwork going. I finally had to just go and record all the vehicles without paper trails or docs and resort to just turning in all those that had been pre-ordered to turn in.

One time years ago this very terminal I speak of got a pre-ordered GT 500 in for us for a collector. They held that vehicle at the terminal for 10 days so they could deliver it on July 4th all by itself and get another driver holiday pay and forcing the buyer to wait. Their excuse at the time was that they were waiting in hopes they would have more vehicles to make a load. I wonder if they are aware that I was at work yesterday as their convoy of singles showed up?

It's not like they were all private contractors or something.

Funny thing is not even one delivery today though. Funny isn't it? It has been weeks since this particular terminal has sent a delivery out to us on a Sunday or Monday. It is almost always a Wednesday thru Friday affair for them but we had to get 8 singles yesterday and mysteriously not even one delivery today. 

At least all the F-150's had gas in em for a change, guess everyone was in a hurry to get em gone for once.

I am telling ya it amazes me that dishonesty and basic corruption has seeped in as far as it has these days where even bottom tiered employees just take it for granite.  No wonder every business out there now complains they cannot turn a profit. Maybe these guys can find a job with the next company that gets the contract?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 


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