Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Light Traffic

 I finished up the two dozen or so vehicles that were shipped in Sunday and Monday in what appeared to be a time sensitive manner but luckily only for Monday I guess as nothing else needed to come in after the holiday pay scale ended. I got the last one done this morning right before the rain hit so they can all get placed in a spot next too the other plethora of unsold vehicles we got taking up space. Out of all these top priority deliveries only two were actually sold and one of them was an F-150 Lightening that has already been delayed by months so they missed there time frame already by a long shot.

I been doing this long enough to recognize a hurried inventory  switch when I see one, even if I am unsure exactly what the main motive behind it is. Honestly the actual numbers don't seem suspicious to me as much as the fact that every F-150 actually had gas in the tanks for a change. I have not seen that in literally years some one was in real hurry to get these vehicles delivered to not drain the gas in em first.

The unexpected little rush caused me to delay getting my favorite mower back to the shop for a new starter. No matter what I tried best I could do was get the starter to whine a little bit and I knew it was getting weak anyway. I should have just got a new one installed two weeks ago when I had other stuff done to it but I thought it would last the rest of the Summer.  I also had one of my little cucumber seedlings dry up in this hot dry weather we been having and one of the hose splitters begin leaking too so when I was done this morning I needed to make a little supply run.

I cannot go so far as too claim what I witnessed on my supply run was a new normal or anything after one day but I have not witnessed traffic in the city this light since like the 1980's. Especially on a Wednesday and I went down the main fast food Blvd trek right at noon too. Usually that run is a combat zone every day and twice that on a week day. It was positively empty as a Midnight drive on Christmas Eve. Pretty eerie honestly I shall have to see if it continues like this. Usually the State Worker types come screaming out at about 11:30 and make the place a mad house until 1:30 or so and divert me around the whole mess if I find myself down there during those times. But not today.

When I made it home someone had placed a sign on my property corner directing people down the gravel road I have as my Western border. I went to investigate and it was an advertisement for new open houses for showing all through June. I can't stop these idiots from selling all the land that is left around here but they sure ain't gonna place signs for it on my land to do it though. I see someone did remove the sign from the gravel road once I threw the trespasser off though. I did not want some local to run over it and cause damage. I am sure I would be found libel somehow.

I am not sure if I ever wrote up the story about the Radar tower that almost ate my hay field some 30 odd years ago. Setting on the edge of all this national park land someone got the idea that the regional airport needed a new radar tower and my hay field was the perfect location as the highest spot with road access or some such excuse. The state condemned my field and won the court case of course but my neighbor decided to put up a 100 foot grain silo during the court proceedings. Man were those airport land stealers pissed but they actually gave the land back to me and moved their radar tower about a mile further South.

As I figure from the sign these new houses are now about 2 miles closer to the regional airport than I ever was. Maybe all these new immigrant will force the regiona airport to expand once again, this time into their new 30 foot yards and force em to get rid of their side by side garages. It's the little things that make me smile now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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