Friday, May 26, 2023

The Collapse of The Liberal Feminist Woke Democrat West Day 730


Today has been a landmark day for the collapse. Targae (mis-spelling intended) saw a pretty substantial quarterly loss and stock downgrade after hiring and then lying about removing their pet Satanist artist clothes designer, Disney (Bob Iger) is still reeling from major profit losses and announced they are also removing the main culprits and Activist writers/directors too and plan on catering to the "fans" once again. We will see if they can or even will try to carry through on it The boycott of Bud light continues and is doing some serious damage to AB and the 8 Billion plus loss in revenue trying to appease the Femcrats and LBGQ-whatever lobby and Ford is still feeling the sting for their EV switch among other Electric car companies too. Scotus handed the ATF and the BribeMe administration (formerly known as the Biden Crime family) a significant legal loss over the pistol brace ruling and our we up to 24 States now in the Legal case law suit against BribeMe? I lost count.

I thanked God he has allowed me enough life to see these days before my end during my evening chores tonight!!! 

None of the above are really the bottom line either. The Dollar continues to wane against the rest of the world, Feminist allied governments are sinking faster than BribeMe America and I think at least the Woke Allied Corporations in the West are beginning to get very frightened. The Femocrat politicians are now crying louder for Reparations (vote buying) since making responsible American's pay property taxes for the less responsible "under served" scheme seems to be gaining em little traction yet.

The bright-side to all this is the source of these losses isn't because Real Americans have finally put a stop to Femocrat vote buying schemes, theft or money laundering but the rest of the world not infected by their Feminist culture and bribe money has finally turned on em. This collapse will continue to it's end no matter what they do I imagine as the entire thing depends on money theft from someone else, and I plan on surviving it as long as I can just so I can watch and chronicle it.

If you are wondering Day 1 for my timeline is now the Day BribeMe took office. The true last gasp of Democracy in the West.

All and all a good start for a Memorial Day holiday weekend. As I mentioned yesterday I had to go into work this morning and it did not disappoint either. Took me three hours of poking around just to get to the first vehicle of my new delivery problem children. I had mentioned with the three day weekend coming followed closely by the end of the month I was going to be positively bombarded with Vehicle deliveries yesterday. The transport company has hired a bunch of new inexperienced drivers and were sending every type of odd duck vehicle they saw to pad their numbers and switch em out of their own stock on hand column I guess. I had two last minute drop offs by private contractors dumbed in the parking lot with no paperwork or trail I had to figure out and third unknown truck that was mixed into a load from Thursday Morning that was not showing up on any new vehicle database I checked.

Finally after three hours I popped into the owner's office and said "Help Me Mr. ___ you're my only hope" As a Dealership owner he has a bunch of identifying tools at his disposal no one else has but in almost 15 years (maybe more if I really check the dates) I have only needed to ask him for help maybe three times. 

There is an ex-executive that retired years ago in the area that gets a free yearly vehicle as part of his retirement agreement and also can lease any Ford model he wishes from corporate for like 12 bucks a month too. Every year he got a black Limited F-150. I have chatted with the guy quite a bit over the years but I guess when the great Covid-Scamdemic started they stopped his vehicles and the program for a couple years and he is an old guy so I never knew what happened. Well he is still around and I guess so is the program again but I don't have a high enough security clearance (joke) to have access to it yet. 

I should have known but this time he got a White Limited and I never put two and two together. I am going to have to ask him why when I see him.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


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