Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Birds of A Feather

Not only did I get all my mulching and all of the important planting done yesterday and today I was able to spot the last two wild life species that have flourished around here for decades but I had not found any yet this year.

The last few days the Bobwhite quail have been going crazy with the mating calls and wandering around. I have identified at least four specific Males calling so at least I am assured that some of the population from across the road survived and moved over here. That is not quite the usual total I would get between the two spots but more than the two or three I had on this side. One particular male has claimed some old hay bales just a few feet from the garden edge as his favorite spot and calls constantly while I am out in the garden.

I then also spotted a Redwing Blackbird on the East pasture fence yesterday, which is the first one I have seen this year so far. We used to get literally 1000's of em around here every late Spring. Every field had one for almost every fence post. Problem is this year a lot of the fields are gone or filled with cattle now and not filled seed bearing plants. I was beginning to despair that we had seen the end of them around here now. Not sure what was up with the Redwings but they would disappear in June and go somewhere else I would not see them except in May and June. Like I said though we would get 1000's of them for a short bit.

So between the Quail, Red-wings, Mated Blue Bird pairs. tree frog survivors/refugees and nightly local Goose visits it appears I can still count on those visitors showing. It has been several years since I had nightly Deer visits or seen Turkey out in my fields so I can't blame their disappearance on the new immigrants or the houses. It has been several decades since the Prairie Chickens would come up and steal grain from the sheep too but the mated pair of Bald Eagles did leave a new adolescent eagle here this Winter and The vultures came back in Spring. Even if they continue to develop whats as yet UN-touched near me I imagine I will keep these survivors now. I hope.

I started hardening off the last few Tomatoes that still need planting yet and I am sure there are going to be a few spots I will need to fill before I am done. I am afraid I planted the first three rows of corn too deep cause I have very sporadic shoots yet so I may put some more seed in the ground tomorrow while they still have time to mostly catch up with the plants that have already sprouted. or so I hope.

Now it's going to be weed control and mulching the spots that I covered too lightly as the new seedlings grow. Oh and more composting again for a few months. Gives me lots of time to just lounge in the shade and watch my fields grow. Makes the goats happy they much prefer it when a human is outside with them.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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