Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Prepping/Homesteading and Surviving Feminism MGTOW

 I didn't know it at the time but by the late 80's when my mother was about to lose this farm she had managed to get free and clear through the divorce and the Female Biased family court scams in the US during the last couple of decades of the 1900's. I like a dutiful son gave her the money to pay off the 1st and 2nd mortgages she had put on the place and then couldn't payoff.

Now my mother was a horse woman so by the time I hit the early teens I had figured out to run from those types as fast as I could but I couldn't let her be thrown out on the street either. So I helped her out. I remember the offer at the time was I would now be the beneficiary of the monthly payments etc. etc. that no longer needed to be paid to the mortgage company. I never saw a dime of that and honestly never expected to anyway.

I didn't live out here then, my mother did for a while then started living with a local guy but never fully abandoned this place and always had horses here of course. I eventually got married in the early 90's and like so many men from that period got divorced myself after the wife watched her 1000th episode of "Sex in the City" and started down her middle aged depression.

By that time I already knew how the deck was stacked against Men in this country. The Ex finally had gotten herself a fairly good (paying) job with a Democrat Union  by lying on her resume. Hired a lawyer who specialized in Taking men to the cleaners, She had ran up huge bills while I was on the road working for a start up Point of Sale company and then left one night while I was stuck in Dallas. She cleaned out all the bank accounts, maxing out my credit card and removing everything in the house of value.  Got immediate temporary custody of our son and then rented in apartment and moved some cocaine dealer guy in with her.

Now you might be thinking this is going to end the same way as any other Feminist hating male from the early 90's story usually did but you would be wrong. I knew enough not to play her game as my ex inflated and lied as to the prices for every "support" number she could come up with. I knew my Ex and I knew she lacked one thing in particular. Patients. 

Through some contacts I had I took a new job that required no traveling and hired the cheapest lawyer I could find who it just so happened was retired but had a disliking for the Female lawyer my wife had hired. Did I mention he was cheap?

I then began an almost 5 year campaign. Every time the wife, who was paying about 1200 bucks an hour for her lawyer changed something or asked to go to court I would also either change something or file an attachment claiming our marriage was salvageable and we were working it out. After a few years she had managed to lose custody of our son (which I got in her stead) which meant she lost all support but now had to pay on the scale her own lies had placed us into. I got a new job and her Lawyer found out what my percentage was by asking a waitress that worked in the restaurant right outside my office. While I was listening with an open door mind you she had no idea what I looked like.

I actually knew the lawyer was there because she had represented about every woman in the area during their divorce including the sous chef right outside my office door who was the Male target of one of her attacks.

I had already given my lawyer friend the ok to allow the filing to go to court and we had our final hearing scheduled for next week. The final dirty attack came that next week when in court her lawyer accused me of hiding the fact that I owned this farm. It was then while we recessed so the records could be checked I said a prayer for the fact I had never had the title changed or anything. I was gonna make my mother pay the damned taxes if nothing else at least.  I waited another 5 years after my divorce before taking possession of the place and having the title legally changed over.

If it had not been for the fact that I had that kind of family relationship I would have lost this place back then. As it turned out the ex's lawyer even mentioned she had been at the Restaurant that night and I pointed out if I had so many recently divorce husbands as enemies as she did, I would not eat out locally. The woman turned as White as a sheet and walked away.

My lawyer than declared the remaining balance on my account was paid if full as it was worth any amount to see someone finally shut that B^&tch up.

After this I had learned two important things I wish to share with younger Men. I was really interested in Men's Rights and MGTOW back then when they were just really getting started. I can remember the old discussions and used to write about them alot. I recently have realized the fight continues and from my point of view the courts are not as Female Biased as they used to be but haven't improved by much either really and the young women these days seem to be many times worse than they were back then.

I recently watched an MGTOW video where it was claimed Men who are not married by 30 have a much smaller chance of getting remarried. Don't you believe that. Most women are much more agreeable once they have passed 30 or so and the problem I had was keeping them away from me. Most tried to move in the first night but since I also had custody of my son I claimed I had a rule against that. I had more female stalkers in my 30's and 40's than ever before in my life.

When someone says "all Women are like that" don't believe it. I was always accused of being what was called way back when a "Purple Pill" as I always claimed not all women were like that. My real claim was that at some point they will all use the biased powers they were given but the goal was to not let it get that far. Too many men think they need to find some church going lady or something like that but what you need to find is a Woman with the most realistically kindest and fair heart you can who will do things herself. Not someone who gets magnanimous because they donate to feed children in Africa or pay to donate for neutering stray cats or something like that. But someone who makes it a point to be fair to everyone no matter the circumstances. Men and women of that bent are rare but both are out there.

I will admit my divorce set me on the MGTOW path but it was the biased courts that added staying away from government as the more important part of that than just Women and that is what really started me down the path of Homesteading and Prepping most. Government seems just as eager to put you into the debt trap as anyone else, never forget that. Never forget that and never stop looking for that perfect lady she is out there. Don't think that having a tattoo makes one automatically bad either some of the most kind hearted Women I have met have had one or two as well. This isn't the 50's any more!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Yeah I can’t believe what I’m seeing out there. I accidentally dropped in on a liberal female friend who was to vaccinate my dawg. She was in the middle of a hen party when we arrived…and I’m not kidding, PP…they looked at me like I was fresh meat. I’m married, I’m closing on 60, and I’m a butt-ugly old man… and they went dippy the way women do when they’re hunting. They were all the same age I was. I got out of there as soon as I could.

    You might have a tough trail with the MGTOW and men’s rights guys. So many of them were hurt as bad or worse than you and they never recovered as you did. They will always hate women and I can’t blame them. All Women Are Like That, you are a clueless White Knight…I can imagine what your discussions with them might be like…but I am with you all the way.

    My advice to young men is to ascertain the woman’s politics. If she is in any way a progressive liberal Democrat…walk away. Run. Once the rot of neoliberalism is in them…so too are the perversions and sins that go along with it.

    1. Filthie - Good advice. I hafta admit I do kinda agree with the hard core MGTOWs with their "All Women attitude" But I have seen more than a few who resisted even the biased forced on them. Eventually though many to succumb to the biases that are just handed to them. Of course I also hafta admit I am so far out of touch now and biased on my own towards helping young men I maybe blind myself to actual fairness now a days.

  2. There are a few things I had to learn the hard way with women. I'm in my late 40's now and I have a few scars. I accept it as female nature and truly don't hold it against them. Chiefly, no woman can truly love a man the way he loves her. It's their true nature.

    Female love is fleeting, and as horrible as it is to say, tends to be extremely mercenary when you boil it down. Yes not all women are like that. But annoy them, and they'll be in bed with one of the "orbiters" they keep in their "friend zone" as a back-up option. And most younger, modern women have two or more guy "friends" they coyly string-along to keep as back-up.

    If they are younger, and into social media like "Insta-ram", they'll have weak men "DM-ing" them regularly. Their phones are essentially a box of "richards" available 24/7.

    Add "right now" to the end of any praise and you're on track, IE When she looks at you all doe-eyed and says "I love you sooooo much" (just add "right now" to the end) to innoculate yourself against manipulation. It's not intentional - she truly means it at the time. But her emotions are fleeting and all it takes is a whisper from the wrong girl friend and you're gone. She can do better - Jess, Helen, Andrea and Karen all said so.

    Making rules like no sex before three dates, and hearing "I don't normally do this" in the boudoir are other classic female manipulations that we won't go into.

    She chooses her man, bears his children, but the moment she thinks she can do better, she's "not happy", and can take everything and be under a new man that same night.

    For myself, and all of my male friends, it used to take months to get over a long term relationship. |

    These days, if I ever found my wife asking for a divorce, she'd have it in a heart-beat, and I'd be off, living my best life and NEVER cohabitate or be exclusive with one woman ever again. The sad reason is, unfortunately, we were married later in life and could not receive the blessing of children.

    1. Lurker - I see eye to eye and agree with you almost 100%. I would say the specific circumstances that cause the "All are like that" do change with age range is about the only thing that changes and most of my experience started in the middle is all. Good comment thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Carolina Reaper ! there ! wanted to say that ever since i found out about it after your pepper post.
    i had heard of 'sex and the city' so i watched one episode
    as a septuagenarian from the Bible belt i have no understanding of these females who will bed any one
    immorality leaves me speechless
    at least you got a son from the misery, PP
    he is worth it
    may God bless all you hurt men out there


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