Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Callapsing No Good, Nasty, Rainy Day Post


Not that I think the collapse is centered near my place of work or anything but I imagine what happens when 100 million other worker drones around the country start running into the same stupid, time consuming problems like I got today. 

Nothing you can do about early Spring rains but they are my least favorite of all weather events that can happen. For me anyway. Nothing sucks more than working outside in multiple parking lots, burdened to the gills in paperwork and being rained on. Anything else I can deal with but rain is impossible to keep paperwork safe from. Usually I just don't even try. I have said before 99 times out of a Hundred it is more time efficient to just wait the rain out as the lengths I go to keeping paperwork dry is so time consuming I can make it all up just by waiting. The exception are Spring rains that go on for days however.  

These type of days of course are when the transport companies want to bring anything they can find to drop off. In the middle of the night so they can get away before being caught. Usually right before the rain hits. Today was business as usual in that respect.

Typically on a day like this I would just call the one person who runs the show and tell em it's raining and that I will catch everything up when it stops. However there were too many dropped off this morning and too many of the entirely wrong models for ignoring. Sure enough some salesman and his manager were already stressing out wanting one of the hot new models before 8AM.   

This would normally be an easy thing. Just cut the ones out of the herd and tag em up never to worry about again for me anyway but this morning the delivery driver parked all the hot new models against a retaining wall and then blocked em in with some F-150's. F-150's that just all happen to be 0 miles until empty. This time a good number of them were not lying either. 

Someone from Ford needs to find out why all F-150's get delivered with zero gas in the tanks. I am betting someone or someone's is making a good chunk of change off this fact but today it meant I had to find the always lost gas can. Which I never did find BTW.  They took my old one from me last year because it was not properly equipped with the approved safety devices.

Yes I removed em.

So I wasted hours looking for a gas can and then when I finally found one and drove back to the tank and pump in the back of our lots there is only a little concrete slab where the fuel pumps used to be. Apparently the pump broke down and they had to order an entire new pump so here we are pump-less until the new one comes in. Not that this hasn't happened before but this is the first time in a decade I can remember ever having to wait on a replacement. Of course the supplier blamed it on Covid supply train problems. Go figure.

During this adventure in failure some auto auction driver showed up and proceeded to park his rig right in front of the out of gas F-150's and than disappear. I went in to get my computer data stuff done but my computer is still not fixed from the update last week  The wayward auction driver appeared about an hour later, don't know where he was, finally I managed to enlist some help and the push mule from the shop to get the high priority sold vehicles out. 

Success after 6 hours for something I would have done in 30 minutes any other time. It isn't like any of these problems are new I have dealt with problems like these for years but  never including more problems down the line, like "supply chain"  issues. 

I wonder how many 1000's of worker drones suffer under the same type of chaos these days. Certainly makes it feel like we collapsing even if it is just from a personal perspective for one day.

By the time I freed the new cars that had to be delivered tonight I was so drenched and it was raining so hard I just got everything in order and left. Suppose to rain all day tomorrow too so we will see how that goes. 


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! and keep a spare fuel pump on hand :)



  1. What a headache. Those safety gas cans are a real pain. They require at least three hands and holding your tongue just right if you don't want to spill gas all over yourself.

    1. Leigh - Ya they are. I switched all my new type ones to the old style years ago but hey made me stop using my own at work last year. I took a gasoline shower with a new type one today cause it is safer ya know :)

  2. ... every time you mention the F-150's delivered without gas I get a little bit perturbed. I even told my husband about it because it was making me mad. I know it might fall on deaf ears, but have you been reporting it to the higher ups? Maybe even do some networking with other employees at different locations in your position to see if they are dealing with the same issue? I want this mystery solved (and the offending parties fired... LOL).

    1. Mer - I know right? The real issue is as I understand it every Model of Ford is made in it's own plant EXCEPT the F-150 that has three plants. One in KC, one in Kentucky and One in Detroit but 99 times out of 100 if the vehicle is empty it is an F-150 no other models seem to come empty from the factory but them. I have tried telling anyone I thought could follow up on the issue, even a Ford regional rep but no one knows who to contact.

    2. It may only be a regional problem that effects me as far as I know too.


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