Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Nine Hours for 90 minutes of Actual Work


This is a wrap up from yesterdays post. If you remember I finally got fed up with the shambles and hoop jumping (not to mention the rain) I got to a sort of stopping point  and went home in disgust yesterday. A load of 6 vehicles should never take me more than an hour or so to get processed and moved for one of the technicians to finish up but this load was still a jumbled mess blocking half a parking lot this morning. 

So my computer is still borked, rumor has it the IT tech guys cannot figure out how to remove whatever damage was done by last weeks microsoft update and making no progress anywhere... which means I am just out of luck.  That part was already done and added in anyway I didn't need to start over. 

As near as I can tell unless you think it is coincidence that two F-150's just happen to run completely out of gas right behind each other while unloading is that they had actually ran out of gas on the carrier trailer and the driver than rolled one off and then the other but due to the size of the lot had to do it in front of the vehicles he had already parked. Seems legit cause otherwise he would have had to block the lot entrance.

There is no ETA currently on replacing our pump either I just learned today. They are thinking they are going to have to get a new one and reintegrate the software too now.

The real problem is this driver chose the lot furthest from anything to drop this load off. One vehicle was sold, two vehicles were fleet sales and already sold and needing delivery, One was one of the few models selling fast right now ( a Maverick if ya wanna know) and I had already had potential customers being brought over to look at it while it was still trapped.  Like I said these last two had to have been rolled off the carrier then the truckload moved forward to park em the way they were nose to tail gate like that. 

I will admit you would have to be one brave MF to back a dead F-150 off a car carrier like that. I about have  heart attack backing a vehicle off a single car carrier with power. I can't imagine a double height one in neutral.

Now at this point you also have to remember I am still not 100% sure being out of gas is the actual problem. All I know the vehicles won't stay running.  Eventually I locate an OSHA approved gas can and suitable company transport to a gas station and get five gallons to put in the tanks. I even thought enough ahead to engineer a stack able bunch of funnels that I could pour gas into while holding the gas can cap open and reasonably expect gas to flow out of the can and into the vehicles. 

When I tried to lift the gas can with 5 gallons in it over my head and pour it into the funnel was when I realized it was gonna take a much taller and stouter you man than me to get any of into the tanks.  I am 5 foot 11" myself and never felt short until today.  Finding no one taller to help I finally got about a pint of gas into the funnel and took a nice fragrant shower while doing so and got the truck moved to the service area where I could use a nice 300K snapon step stool like ladder thing to get up high enough to put more fuel into the two empty F-150's and thereby confirming that actually they were just out of gas.

Then all I had to do was tag em and take paperwork to the people who needed to know they were in and processed.

Both the people I needed to talk to were in a meeting. Go figure.

I would quit if it was like this all the time. In all fairness a lot of the issues were due to unforeseen bad timing out of my companies control I get that. In 15 years I can only think of maybe twice our own gas pump has needed repair. Yet a lot of this is due to flat out quality control by the delivery company and manufacturer, new under trained employees and trying to save a buck or two at someone else's expense too.  Some of it is stupid rules like the OSHA gascan thing that actually makes using em more dangerous than using the old type would. I must say that is the only time I ever took a shower while filling anything with gas in my life.  But according to the rules I was safer than ever lol.

Eventually this world is going to just grind to a halt due to stupidity and useless complexity like this just as Tainter predicted years ago.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

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