Friday, September 16, 2022

The Lesser Known Side of the Ukraine War


I won't deny it, I am a sucker for Separatist Movements around the world. I always have felt pretty much ALL governments are way too big these days to be anywhere near Representative and Separatist should always be allowed to go their own way. 

Should have seen me cheer on the Scottish Separation movement a few years back.

There is usually a very good reason for them wanting to go their own way that is almost always twisted into some explanation of racism or bigotry by those who wish to continue leeching off them. Just my humble opinion usually.

The above picture I believe is one from the First Slavyansk Brigade  of the Donetsk People's Republic Army. I also believe it is 7 years old or so. 

Yes there has been Russians and Separatist fighting Ukrainians in South Eastern Ukraine for a very long time.

Just to give you an idea of how some of these Separatist feel, and why those of us who do not agree with Western Mainstream media have such a hard time finding pictures of the "Independents" who are part of the Russian Separatist Police Forces inside Ukraine. Well many of their unit and National flags are obvious plays on Confederate Flags of the American Civil war. Showing them will get your posts removed by Western Internet companies and it is almost impossible to find a meaningful picture of these troops without showing a flag in it.

Scott Ritter" NATO was Behind Surprise Offensive in Karkiv. What's next for Russia?

The above is a YT video by Kim Iversen. Scott Ritter is an Ex Marine, Ex Army Intelligence officer etc. who was mentioned a lot back in the 90's and early 2000's as a Weapons Inspector. At one time we flew close to the same orbit but where I decided to stop anything government connected he kept going. His bad. No we did not know each other. Finally the guy was convicted in an online sting operation as a sex offender. There was no contact ever mentioned it was all digital I believe but the Femocrats been after guys like this for decades. That is all I know about it.

Anyway the video is interesting as it shows TIKTOK's of very English speaking trooper doing a selfie as he enters Izum. The video also speaks to the rumors of NATO troops being inserted into the Ukraine to fight with the Ukrainian army, the make up of Russian police units around Karkiv and other things. Also a bit about casualties and other interesting tidbits. I recommend it.

Those of us stuck behind Liberal Media brainwashing lines who do not want to buy into the despicable Femocrat money laundering lies must find our news sources where we can these days. Plus be very careful of the imagery shown in pictures.

Here is another "disreputable" Intelligence officer writing about recent developments in the Ukraine. 

How Long Will Western Support for Ukraine Continue?

Many good points presented by another Ex (this time CIA) from that late Boomer early Gen X generation of Males constantly attacked and discredited by Femocrats at every chance. Again take it as you wish.

I still maintain that this latest explosion of the long on going Ukrainian Separatist conflicts is intertwined and  connected to the recent WEF and Liberal World Order tyranny we see all over the world and Democrat money laundering within the Ukraine itself.

Whatever the case I am still a fan of Separatists.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Ritter's definitely an ex-Marine, and the details of both his separate convictions as a sex offender and felon ex-con are laid out completely on his Wikipedia page.
    If anyone chooses to trust him on anything regardless of that, that's their business.

    As for English-speaking troops, after everyone and their brother were yapping about foreigners going to Ukraine to fight six months ago, and with something close to 1M veterans here of wars in the sandbox, who is particularly surprised that there are, in fact, English-speaking foreigners fighting in and for Ukraine?

    What no one has found are NATO units, of any type anywhere near that dust-up.

    If the US or any NATO country had more than a few guys there as anything but pure observers, the world would be reading about it on the front page of the world press by breakfast the next day. If 50 countries don't have a handful of military observers there, probably on both sides, their respective countries would court-martial them for failing to do their jobs.

    1. Anon - Any participation by NATO aligned personnel would certainly not be advertised so not sure that is much of an issue. With England and Denmark pledging to train a few 10's of 1000's Ukrainian troops since April I am sure the internal make up is fairly mixed regardless.

      Anyway a few billion + in funds and constant Ammo plus the systems to deliver them is support enough to be questionable in my mind. Your mileage may vary.

      Ritter's bio also says the first charges against him were dismissed for what that is worth. Considering the way Femocrats have been going after any and every White Male with a political view for the past 40 years (as long as they are not a Democrat anyway) and don't place much belief in such things unless there is a little boy victim myself.

      In the specific Ukrainian issues however there is a lot more Western Liberal (New World Order) interest in that country than anyone should be comfortable with, including ties that should be investigated.

    2. I call BS on those sex crimes. Just my gut talking… but Wikipedia is like any other pozzed mainstream platform. If you want to trust green haired lesbian she-twinks and Marxist degenerates that edit Wiki…that’s your business. Errrrrrmmmmm… if you want to trust the FBI, the courts, and the mainstream media…you might want to pause for thought there too…

      I’ve come across Scott once before in my studies and he jives with others that have boots on the ground. Kim Iverson is a breath of fresh air too.

      Things are going to look very different in the next few months. We may well run out of red pills…

    3. Filthie - Ya in the 90's I was a mod on a MGTOW site and then again into the early 2K's I followed gaming circles close cause my son was into it and I figured out then most of those online sex investigations were a scam by law enforcement themselves in many ways. Designed to entrap White Men who were vulnerable to such lies. Luckily I had too many problems with Women in the flesh and face to face to even think of some type of internet flirting. SO Ya I take a lot of those kind of charges that never produce an actual victim with a grain of salt.


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