Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Reading - Debt


As early as I can remember I have been told that debt is a bad thing. I can't remember any male ever disagreeing with the fact that debt was a bad thing as a child or even younger adult. Debt was an evil monster in movies and stories of failures, Why even Shakespeare wrote about how bad debt was.

Seemed like the only universal belief in my life was that debt was bad. Well there was that belief about avoiding any woman named Nicole but I got over that one. Anyway anyone of any importance all agreed with that concept without fail, even my old Staunch Southern (Well Missourian) Democrat grandfather and my Kansas Red-leg union railroad company Man Grandfather agreed. Debt was bad.

I figured if anything could get those two to agree on something it was a universal rule to live by and neither one of them ever knew a Nicole anyway I bet and if they did they never said anything.

Because of their universal rule I have gone my entire life without debt, except one time I faltered due to pressure from my first wife, and I learned my lesson. Hard and fast...

To this day I do not have an ounce of debt except my property taxes. I do not own a credit card and I guess we still owe money on the wife's car but not that much as I know we put 50% down on it. So ya I guess I did forget about that. My truck however we paid cash for.

It just seems to me these days the powers that be are slowly removing every benefit and means or avenue to becoming and staying as debt free as possible.   

Looking over options and ways to survive, thrive and progress during this latest round of Democrat Tyranny (sorry grandpa but even you would be a Republican now) I keep coming to the conclusion that everything is designed to try and put me into debt. Hell I paid this place off with CASH along with the interest my mother still owed, which was not inconsiderable (and another lesson in how debt was bad) and the entire price for 30+ acres back then would barely pay for half a Mc Mansion here now. Six figures resting in long term stock holdings that are falling fast in value every day and the easiest way for me to start my construction projects I want is to go into debt. I will not do it.

These people are bound and determined to make sure my entire life equals nothing before I die unless I go into debt and it equals negative something but at least I will be able to get things done I guess.

Right now I am teetering between taking cash out or perhaps shedding an asset or two. With today's uncertainty neither option seems ideal but who know's if the cash would even be worth anything by the time this idiot in office is removed? 

But then another idea creeps into my consciousness.  There doesn't seem to be a downside to all this debt these people keep amassing either. Where does it end or where/when do the old dangers of debt come back? 

Further thinking makes me believe they are just setting it up so everyone feels the bad side at once. Catch everyone by surprise, even those who do think ahead. Well I maybe living rough if this continues cause I am not going into debt but for the first time I can remember it actually looks like there ain't much downside to going into debt either. They are even going to make us pay for student loan debt for others now. I paid my own on the way too, looks like I was a sucker there as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. Holding what you have is 1st Priority.

    When I interviewed several older folks that lived through the Great Depression, I found that their greatest fear was not being able to pay their taxes and ending up homeless-farmless as Bankers bought them on the courthouse steps while the Sheriffs protected them.

    There is a reason the murderous Bonnie and Clyde were popular back then; they were hurting the Bankers that were stealing peoples lives.

    Point is finding a way to pay taxes first. I own my place, but missing tax payments means I lost it.

    1. Michael - I have heard the same stories, and in fact it was because of those very same reason from the depression that I believe my grandfathers believed debt was so bad. Not that usury has not always been suspect in Christian peoples.
      Another reason I am so unhappy about the creep of suburbia so close to me. Just another reason they will use to raise my property taxes and of course school taxes too.

    2. I am 67 and remember a time there was a stigma associated with those who lived beyond their means then declared bankruptcy. The stigma is no longer there. And to we are able to shop on the internet and have the goods in two days instead of our local stores with a limited selection.



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