Friday, September 30, 2022

Remember The Grand Melee Every Country on Earth is now a PLayer


Allies will turn on allies. 

This is just a view of what we are in for so time to find your tribe.


  1. The morons running our countries are playing with fire. They stand to unleash forces they don’t understand. Putin must be laughing his arse off…

  2. Filthie - almost 70 years of greed, cult like Greenie terrorism, victim politics, vote buying and failed policies has broken the financial back of the West so they been exporting it everywhere to try and keep the ponzi scheme going. it's just come to this. I am sure as this goes on you will find you have allies yourself nearby. You can't be the only sane one up there :)

  3. Yep - the pound sterling and the Euro are collapsing as we type this today. This will not be a recession…it is looking like a full on depression…

  4. No Glen, Putin is trying his best not to ignite a nuclear war but when your enemies TELL you cannot be leader of Russia, that Russia must be humbled, that Russia must surrender to what they see as a depraved western culture of mutilating children and such, fight Russians will.

    An old proverb when elephants fight the grass suffers.

    You and I are the grass.

    1. Very True Michael the US has been trying to export their sinful Liberal ideology for years now.


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