Friday, August 5, 2022

One of the More Important Articles this Week

I doubt many read it or noticed. Comments are pretty sparse on the article and it is still early in the scheme of things I see coming down this pipe but....

The U.S. dollar, upon which the U.S. financial system is based, has dominated global trade transactions in recent decades and is often referred to as the “world’s reserve currency.” This label stems from the fact that any economy hoping to conduct meaningful business in the global arena must base relevant transactions on the U.S. dollar.

The reserve currency and the Petro Dollar has allowed the US to pretty much dominate world politics. As I have said before this was pretty common knowledge not all that long ago but these days as the children take over the government anything old is disregarded as useless. 

Not every country on earth is agreeable to nor willing to go along with the "Liberal World Order" and the end or even a challenge to the Dollar as the reserve currency will have lasting effects. Also I have not heard a lot about supply line disruptions as much in other countries. Have even read about Kalifornian's traveling to Mexico for many things but more importantly a report on the growth of shipping routing through India.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on things like these.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. there is nothing us'ns can do about it
    praying for God to have mercy on our children and the innocent
    i have the impression that 90% of americans have zero idea what petrodollar means to our survival
    no awareness that china is ready to hiroshima us
    no awareness at all

    1. Deb - I agree completely. I just cannot fathom how so many people do not have a clue but yet feel they are completely competent to vote. Used to be not so long ago I thought it was common knowledge. I am inclined to bet China does not want to destroy us physically. They want our resources and our children for themselves IMO. That actually scares me more.

    2. I wonder about that, too. People now voat exclusively in their own interests even if it plays hell with the rest of the country. The New York chapter of the new liberal world order is all about open borders with Mexico… until Texas dumps a few bus loads of illegals in THEIR town. Then all of a sudden things look different.

      We will not vote our way out of what is coming.

    3. Indeed so much about the Liberal World Order supporters is all virtue signaling when someone else is the one paying for it. I agree too, as a nation I believe we are well past being able to vote our way out. It is going to take some hard actions now.

  2. I've been watching and am very concerned.

    1. The best thing we normal people can do at the moment


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