Friday, June 17, 2022

Day 3


Can anyone see any improvement? I think I can see the pure white of the original leaves beginning to show some green coming back. It has been so hot here lately I was not sure spraying anything on my plants was advisable right now but I did it anyway. The plant keeps growing and now is laying at more of an angle so hard to tell.

Pollen count has been high today and combined with temperature and humidity is giving me my itchy skin fits this evening. Oh well nothing I cannot handle. As I have said before the older I get the more I seem to notice allergic minor annoyances like that, things I just ignored in the past I guess. I will say it is improving now though. A few years back it used to make me break out with a skin rash occasionally that itched to high heaven and would often make the skin on my eye lids dry up and flake off. I was told it would probably eventually stop so I ground through it not wanting to go on pills for it just in case it became something I had to live with they were right, it eventually went away but for a few years there it would hit me in the Winter on warm days especially hard. Later I figured out what was really doing it was hay mold so now I avoid getting or making big clouds of the stuff.

Otherwise a lazy day today and a bit cooler of an evening so just doing some garden work and chilling tonight.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


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