Monday, March 10, 2014

Another Pile to Deal With

Well the gravel truck showed up this morning. The whole idea behind my having it delivered and not getting it myself was so the driver could just tip his bucket and drive forward thereby releasing the gravel right where I wanted it and creating a nice new drive from the back of the barn along the side.

Alas it was not to be.

He showed up in a shiny new dump truck. Diesel. By looking at it, it looked even bigger than the five ton trucks I dealt with in the Army.

I told him to be careful and that he may want to spread it backwards instead of forwards so he could have some traction. He walked back there and decided it was firm enough. I told him that was deceptive because I had been dumping wood chips back there trying to get some slope on the ground and that under all those wood chips was a swamp.

No one ever listens to me.

Sunk down to the dual axle he did. I thought I was going to have to get the big Massy tractor out to help pull him but nooooooooo... He dumped the entire load right there.

Our newest breeding ewe could tell I was pissed. She was still hoping I would scratch her neck and feed her some hay though.

After he lightened the load the truck came out finally but now I am going to have to spread that pile out with the tractor and I wasted the extra charge for delivery as well. At this point I will just make a wider gravel area behind the barn and order another load to finish out the run along the side of the barn I guess.

It really wouldn't be an issue if my parental partners would just listen to me and feed square bales when it's wet but nooooo they insist on running round bales and using equipment that is entirely too heavy for the wet ground. I can run my Ford tractor over it all day long and not make a rut but the big Massy just tears it up.

Anyway just in for a bite of lunch and then it's out to feed the bees. Going to put the syrup feeders back on the smaller hives as I believe it will be warm enough for them to use it now for a while.

The busy season is starting once again.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I feel for you. If I lived nearby I would be out to lend a hand. The temps here are nice, and its melting to boot. I looked at buying some honey here, but I will check a couple of other places before I buy. I want to use it in cooking.

    1. Rob - At this point I have decided to leave the gravel pile until it dries out some more and then spread it with the massy and it's front loader bucket. I will just buy another load of gravel later in the year when it is dry enough I guess.

  2. You ain't gotta be very smart to drive a dump truck and it shows.I've got a couple a stories about that, well at least you got a tractor.Good luck.

    1. Stvrv - No kidding that massy is worth the cost with that bucket. I just wish it was a little less heavy cause it causes some serious ruts itself.

  3. I have the same trouble with people, you tell them something that is borderline obvious and they won't listen, I keep looking at my shirt and cap but the word stupid is not printed on either but it seems like it some days. Warming here but windy, still a way to go until spring but it has started.

    1. Sf- MY guess is the guy had never done a back drop of gravel like I was suggesting. Just a guess but when I mentioned it you could see the gears spinning and I bet he just wasn't sure he could do it.

  4. Don't you wish some people would have the "stoopid" logo tattooed on their foreheads, to save you the trouble of trying to tell them anything?

    1. RP - Yes. LOL I did warn him that under all those wood chips was a swamp. I need to get a long piece of that flexible drain pipe and take care of this situation.

  5. ha ha! don't you just love it when people don't listen to you? Happens to us all the time.
    We are needing to re-gravel the long driveway up at the estate... not sure when though.have fun moving all that rock.

    1. JuGM - I am just going to leave it and then use the big tractor once it dries out enough. It maybe for the best as I will just spread it thick right where he got stuck and order another load in a few months.

  6. He's the professional dump truck driver, obviously he knows better! LOL

    1. Russ - LOL... He did apologize. Didn't offer me a discount though...

  7. buddy - i share your pain. i hate it when people don't listen to me and we all know that i AM right ALL of the time!!! bahahahah! just caught up on all of your latest posts, too. you bin busy!

    your friend,

    1. kymber - Of course you are always right :)

      I haven't been as busy as I wish I could have been. It has been hard to get motivated with all this cold.

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