Friday, November 17, 2023

Was Waiting For This

Just a quick little post tonight as things are changing obviously even if my usual schedule isn't by much.  They seem to be using every excuse still to deliver anything possible and force the dealerships to foot the bill for storage, nothing new there but for the first time I have seen in months I began getting pre-sale vehicles. First example I got a Maverick and an F250 not scheduled for actual delivery until February or March of 24 in this morning, That is far enough out that it causes serious delays in paperwork coupled with I also got 3 other pre-orders with the same date problems which tells me they have went way over in counting pre-sales now and our going to be forced to scale back or risk some well documented problems becoming common knowledge. 

On top of that I saw the first mention of interest free sales as an incentive coming up soon for certain models. 

All that spells to me that any hopes of continued Super high prices is coming to an end.

We will see..... I will certainly let everyone know I need some time off!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The vehicle manufactures is pushing these vehicles out because not only the storage fees but know something wicked this way comes and wants to not be holding a bigger bag when it hits?

    1. Cederq Fees are not the issue many make them out to be lately and really become important if the group/dealer finance thier inventory/storage. Alot do of course..


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