Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday Reading Still Uncertain Where this is Heading

I haven't seen a thing to give me even a clue yet that anyone really has a plan going forward. We are still getting vehicles that my head tells me are not soon going anywhere and I see no end in site the only thing I am certain of is that many people who rely solely on the labor of others are terrified which makes for a dangerous and uncomfortable  job situation at best.

Besides the daily list of cars I need to find with every new day a new stock number is there as well AND a place to put them plus watch my own hours so I don't go over everything is about the same although I am focusing more on getting the garden in shape for Spring now A bit and I keep cutting the fallen trees. As they are forecasting its suppose to turn cold now finally.

With luck I will be posting more on topic content soon and can get more figured out for my Rumble channel I wish to start.

The goats are still cleaning the garden up for me and the sheep are working on the remaining fodder from the East paddock now so it won't be long.  No chicken or attacks of any kind either. Alot of coyotes everywhere though.

Not even any appreciable work on the AAA fraud buildings here about just rotting in the open waiting for more free government money for the new owners to spend I guess while the now unused earth moving equipment lays in a rusting pile. They did just enough work to destroy  the natural land around looks to me.

Such Is Life with Democrats.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. PP, that strikes me as so odd. It is as if they are trying to get rid of the inventory from somewhere else knowing that more will not be coming for some years.

    1. TB - Only thing I cam think of retaining stock price and some fall back cash as much as possible that can be moved easily if needed. Otherwise nothing makes much sense to me anymore.


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