Friday, November 10, 2023

The Small-Hold is Surrounded


The goats and chickens have made pretty good work on the garden remains and stripped it down to dirt except for some plant stalks and vines here and there that I will need to clean out before Spring. We will see what makes it till then I plan on dropping some hay bales into it soon before then anyway and shifting around some other things for a different planting layout next year.

Last night the large, usually Corn field to the South of me got plowed up in a weird way. It has a large pond or small lake in the middle of what I estimate is 200 plus acres. They used to hunt Geese off that pond every winter, I knew cause all their shot would fall on my wood stove when they fired. I guess those days are gone. They plowed around that lake on the field edge but left all the land around the lake untouched. MY bet is to begin building houses around the lake. The outsides of course will be the now soybean field. You can always tell when a non-farmer buys some old farm field from a retired farmer cause all they know how to plant is Soybean. My guess is it takes more experience to plant a proper Corn field. My guess is I have seen the last of my Winter Geese flocks that used to entertain me while I split wood. I am sorry to see em go......

The up side is that I was actually able to grow Corn this last year since I am now far enough away I can do so. We will see how that works out for me later this year being totally boxed in now.

I kept a hard eye out for the eagles at the end of my hay field and never saw them but i did see the return of my Blue Birds from this Summer hotting my feeder. That surprised me cause I always thought they went somewhere far off for Winter. As I watched them one went so fare as to go into their house from this Summer if thats a good omen or not who knows but I took it that way.

By afternoon a guy pulled into the drive offering his services to repair and repaint my barn. Its been years since I have had random construction workers like that around here. Not since the Democrats started vote buy and running scamdemics anyway about 5 years ago. He was offering pretty reasonable prices too I almost agreed but then asked him to check back in a few months. Like I said time to see what really does happen until hopefully adults can be elected.. In next years until then it's all a guess.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I hope you don't get houses, you know what that means, bratty little snots trespassing in your fields. Bothering you with their loud music and the whole works. Did the guy offer any references? I would be leery about that. When I had my nine acre goat farm in Alabama I would have guys stopping by but looking at them and their cars or trucks and if they have any tools at all. I would take a hard pass. I had a couple of black fellows that were very dependable and had tools and a reasonable price and asking around had good references. I used them a lot on large projects and paid well and also gave a good tip in cash. I was almost always put in front when I called with them.

    1. Cederq I don't think I will luck out there it is pretty obvious the builders left want their gravy train to continue and are determined to keep trying and hoping they can force it. They alredy built two new houses in spots that have been empty for years for obvious reason nearby, For them its better than actual work anyway. As for the traveling workers I was amazed it was starting again already and interested what they were charging,


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