Thursday, November 9, 2023

Are Chickens Coming Home to Roost


Maybe it's just me but things have come across as backwards for some time now. I don't mean inflation and such but more to the point the reaction I have seen to it. It has just come across to me that the reaction to things like dismal sales numbers and such have been totally against the reaction That should be normal  it seems to me. Its like the powers that be some how all got together and decided they wanted to keep things going by lying to everyone for a bit long about May or so and finally just agreed they can't and gave up this week. Like I said it could just be me.... I need a few more weeks of normal to be sure but it's like customers have disappeared these days.

I finally gave up on our new Super Computer program by about 1PM this afternoon when the new miracle of combining new deliveries into new stock numbers again failed to produce results. I just physically sorted everything with highly visible Vin numbers that I can identify easily and told em to let me know when I can get em done. Last thing I want to do is run around identifying 142 scattered new deliveries when the time comes. Why I have so many is another question that doesn't add up either and with everything else it is very strange the only thing that makes sense to what data I have is that next years quota is being force fed to us right now. For whatever that means...

It was a blessing for me as colder temps have finally showed up again to be more around the pleasant 50's I like so much. I kept very busy watching a brand new Bald Eagle down in my hay field. I used to have a mated pair for years that had a nest down there. During the 90's the State Conservation dept closed that area off, put a camera up and watched it everyday and after that for years the mated pair would comeback and leave a new young hatchling there all Winter. Than a few years back that stopped as well but would be cool if it started again.

That's what I liked about Winter here. The resident eagle and calm semi warm days when I can get more done. The Chickens were not impressed with the Eagle let me tell you.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

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