Saturday, May 6, 2023

I Was Wrong it Appears on Many Minor Issues Lately


Planting a square of corn under a bed of hay turns out as something much harder than I anticipated. If this new experiment works I may have to find a better way of doing it after this year. I should be finishing up the 8 row block today but since I have to do the entire thing by hand it has taken me a lot longer than I ever dreamed. I think if it works next year I will plant mechanically and then spread out the bed of hay, if nothing else to save my old back, It doesn't help that the only weather we seem to get here this year are high winds and threats of rain either but to have to dig down through the hay mulch and dig each corn seed in by hand into dusty dry ground is really time consuming.

It's good thing I started planting a bit earlier than I first planned but after the corn everything else will be as normal so things should progress much faster. The wind isn't helping much either though.

On that score I am more than happy as my new hired hand did such a good job on the barn roof that it isn't even making any sounds now when the gusts hit but of course I lost a panel on the furtherest old machine shed I got on the place and cannot even find where it landed yet. Figures.

Deliveries have been light this week, thankfully. But there is some oddness going on with ocean freight again apparently and I read more than a few articles about huge back ups across the country at every port plus some complaints about the BiteMe administration and new fines/rules too. Interestingly enough this happens just as foreign production vehicle deliveries fall hard to a low point. Makes me wonder why so many shortages are blamed on the larger world's issues but all the troubles seem to be domestic? I must research this some more as I wonder if it isn't more domestic consumers than anything else driving the shipping issues.

Turns out the new cat was not a female as I thought. It was a male under 6 months old according to the Vet and got a 100% clean health slate plus neutered and vaccinated. Is is now recuperating in an extra room as we go in often to get him less scared and used to us plus ready for either an adoption or learning to live around the couple of less than nice residents we have. We are already able to handle him without being scratched or bitten so I doubt it will take long. Poor thing is just terrified from being dumped in a new area I imagine.

Looks like the rain they had forecast for today has once again blown over, the wind remains but I need to get the corn totally planted today. Then it will be on to other things and hopefully less mistaken guesses on my part too!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. glad you got the cat may he give you years of pleasurable purring


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