Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Reading - What to Believe


I am going to admit I flat out don't trust much of anything anymore. I came across a few less followed content creators out in info land who are now claiming Mexico is attempting to join the BRICS officially while any links pointing towards something like that which have some US connection are quickly wiped clean and claiming it as a hoax. Even obscure REDDIT sites. Not that I believe REDDIT isn't filled with woke activist these days or anything either. A couple of foreign posters are even claiming Turkey and Saudi are done deals as well.

Mentions of clandestine financial meetings and accusations of outright lying by just about everyone abound as well.

Something is way up and I am beginning to think the crooks and fraudsters (both political and otherwise) that have been using the last 50+ years of vote buying and government favoritism to enrich themselves are panicking. and panicking HARD right now while they attempt to loot as much as possible on the way out.

A panic that is palpable in not only Democrats but more than a few of the known and also suspected turncoat so called Republicans too. .Things maybe getting real much faster than certainly I thought. It also seems that the censor-ship we all suffered under for so long is now being turned to keep us all in the dark as much from outside information as it was to squash opinions and facts mentioned by the conservatives for years before.

I am beginning to see a lot of shortages in grocery stores and restaurants around our area. No outright closures but a large amount of out of stock this kinda stuff. I haven't been able to make a Reuben in weeks now due to out of stock signs.

Of course right along with all this comes more saber rattling by the US. Why all of sudden are even everyday Democrats so hyped up on going to war with everyone? Could it be they are losing their influence and know their cash cow is falling too? Ya know I can remember a time no too long ago no one wanted war. Now it seems to be the cry from everyone on the left and more than a few on the right too.  

Why would China, after 50+ years of living with things they way they are, suddenly want to go to war over an Island they are going to get in 10 years anyway? Why would Russia who has spent the last 8 years protecting the ethnic Russian people of the Donbas region suddenly want to take over all of the Ukraine and everything up to France if you listen to these  Democrat warmongers? 

My theory is they don't. The Woke, corrupt Politicians screwed up. They found themselves in a  tough spot and had to virtue signal their policies away, which, as many have predicted for years, compromised their cash cow and now they have no leverage to enforce their made up woke agenda on the rest of the world.  They have one card left to play and that is to attempt military force. 

Regular citizens have two hopes right now. One. That the rest of the world powers shut down the US so bad economically that our crooked politicians cannot afford to go to war. Something I think is very likely as the US military has already been looted and destroyed from within anyway. Or two. The rest of the world is happy that they already managed to send us all of their unwanted anyway so no real need to destroy us.

Of course we still must worry about retaliation if our own warmongering crooks start something bad. That is what truly keeps me worried at night right now.

The faster this thing falls apart the better off we all will be.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!




  1. They say when all else fails, time to go to war. That's how production and manufacturing will start again. Plus, they'll be making a profit. Just hope and pray they don't fight the war on American property. I see shortages too but I think that is due to everyone overbuying. Eggs right now at Aldi are $2.24 a dozen. They get a shipment in every day. People line up at 8:30 AM just to buy them, even though there is a 2 per person limit. They sell out in no time. But it's Easter time. At such a cheap price, I think people are back to dying eggs. To me, America died on the day LBJ told the masses America was winning the Viet Nam war when he knew darn well he was sending our young men to their deaths. The more the USA turns from God, the more it suffers. I just hope and pray no war is fought on American soil.

    1. Anon - well certainly you won't get disagreement from me on your points although I just don't pay any attention to eggs since with even just my wife and I and one laying hen left we still have too many. I see a lot of meats missing but then again I am almost a complete carnivore unless I grow it myself anyway so I don't notice much else. Pepsi co seems to be playing their bottling games again but as usual getting rid of the real sugar stuff to focus on the crappy corn syrup crap.

  2. "The faster this thing falls apart the better off we all will be."

    My sentiments exactly! People call me a doomsayer for wanting the S to HTF, when to the contrary, I know that the sooner you apply the plunger to the clogged toilet, the less likely you're gonnahafta clean sewage off the floor.

    War is also a great distractor, and creates a fog the makes it hard to see where our tax dollars are disappearing to. Yeah, there's DEFINITELY "bipartisan support" for forever war, but that's because there's really only one party...

    1. Pete - I am certainly ready to admit that there are a number of so called Republicans now that are no different than the Democrats. Mostly the old hat ones like that traitor lying Roy Blunt. I still believe there are some new Republicans that are different and still keeping the two parties very different and apart but there a lot of imposters popping up too.


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