Friday, March 24, 2023

Store Closings and More Bailouts?


Had a record busy week at work and I ain't done yet so I will be there all day tomorrow at least. Made some slight progress on my work computer with some IT kid that is probably younger than the program he is attempting to support. Of course he completely blew off what I was trying to tell him about how Microsoft updates screw with programs that have been batched filed to work with IP protocols , but what do I know with my ancient technology?

Bottom line out of the five "must be rushed" and already sold vehicles I got in today along with about twenty or so fleet orders, three were refused due to interest rate hikes.  This is gonna get ugly if it keeps up. Still no rest for the wicked because I had to mix and mingle the deliveries to get those already sold units expedited and now I have to go back and fill in the gaps I made by tomorrow to close out the week or risk a big and confusing hole in the delivery sheets which the back office hates. I don't blame em either but the alternative was to tell the customers they could not have their vehicles that Ford had already notified were ready and waiting for them before they even got here. This is akin to canceling Christmas for the customer and the Salesman so I almost always choose the first option and make sure I babysit the entire process to avoid any confusion. SO that is kinda what I am doing all day tomorrow.

I figure those vehicles were on I-70 on a car carrier somewhere when Ford told em they were already here by email about 2AM. Thanks guys!!!

SO I put my facilitating and emergency organizational super powers to work  to keep the whole thing going according to the rules, seamless and clear. And I had to do it without a computer... Damn I deserve a medal or something.

Instead I get home and read about another store closing in New Mexico for being unproductive but located in a high crime area proclaiming over 700 police calls in 2022 alone. The story is behind a pay wall of course but I found a utube video talking about it if ya wanna hear the whole story before you accuse me of being racist or something.

And then even more news that buyers who are now underwater due to the housing bubble returning to reality are demanding a bail out. SO when will those of us who have lived within our means and responsibly for years get our bailout? I could sure use one with this inflation they started.

So ya I am a bit grumpy this evening as it rained all day in literal buckets too. On the bright side it appears they took the rain for tomorrow out of the forecast so I have that to look forward too and maybe it will be a bit warmer as well. I also had to call and ask the wife to feed for me as I worked late and the goats knocked her down in the mud so I had to hear all about that and take her out for dinner to make it up to her. She wasn't hurt but saved the clothes she was wearing covered in mud now to rub my nose in it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. Yup. I’m like you too PP. when we were kids and bought the house, that mortgage kept me awake at nights. But we dug in and paid it down, and hammered our RRSPs for all we were worth. We built up a sizeable nest egg while the people around us bought big houses, big RVs, went on expensive vacations, etc etc. A few even laughed at us. Guys like us will be expected to pay twice. My goal now is to hide assets, guard my wealth and spend my own money before Turdo La Doo can piss it away on queers, immigrants, or other grifts…


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