Saturday, February 25, 2023

Something Has Shifted


Once again I have weathered a few days of being unable to log in anytime I want. I am sure it is due to my multiple account names. They are all linked together because back in the day years ago they tried to make sure you couldn't non-linked accounts but now days they don't want ya to have anything but public accounts. Prolly the better to Dox ya by and have you arrested due to their feelings for the future.

So I don't know exactly what is going on but I have seen several sources go on about the massive drops in Home sales, Business loans, Retail sales, GDP etc. this week and I am here to tell you something has snapped. I went from an average of 4 to 8 incoming vehicles a day to four... count em four for the entire week.  I also saw the auto sales community get all riled up when GM announced they were going to stop producing their Chevy trucks for a bit this week, which means they stopped probably two weeks ago lol. 

I am about 95% sure this delivery drop is also well above my direct and immediate delivery hubs too as the nearest one to me (namely St. Louis Area) will make sure they bring a vehicle at the most inconvenient time as soon as it is kicked off the train cars when they are light. They also delight in sending 1 load for each vehicle if it is slow too and will often show up with three vehicles on three separate semi-haulers and drivers just so the drivers don't quit due to lack of work. So I suspect that the two vehicles I got that came down from the railhead were all they got themselves. The other two came from KC and that is the regional Fleet staging area around here. They have differing window tags so I always can tell where they were routed through even if I don't read the emails I get letting me know they are on the way.

Just as well for me as I had a massive cold Tuesday and it rained Wednesday and Thursday in buckets. The animals were not very happy about it though but I gave em extra grain so they lived with it.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I bought a chicken block that I had never seen carried at the local feed store before when I went to get the usual goat and sheep mineral blocks. It was the same size but of course said it was chickens and had grains embedded into it. I had an idea to buy it and put it inside their coop and it has worked beautifully. Now instead of piddling around not going to bed they seem almost happy to go in and peck that block. They will also stay in there on rainy days a lot more too. I hope the local place keeps carrying them. Of course with only two chicken still around there is a lot more extra space to use in there lol. 

I got a little more work done prepping for the seed starting but nothing else done with the rain. I did have my helper guy come by and make sure we had everything we need for him to repair the flapping tin piece that blew loose. He is suppose to be back Monday after it has warmed up again. We are suppose to be getting into the 60's by Monday so I don't blame him. 

All and all a good week, would have been nicer if it wasn't so muddy but I will take anything over cold. I must say though Friday it was cold enough I didn't have to put on my Ronald MacDonald boots as the mud was frozen enough to walk on. Kinda anyway.

Going to be interesting to see if this is a short term drop or a new normal. I am prepped either way and would enjoy a nice easy quiet early start to the gardening season but I want to grab up that money as long as supplies last too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. PP, I think the dam is starting to break. The layoffs are coming in across more and more industries. I take this as a sign companies are trying to react to a situation that they see coming very soon, if not already arrived.

    1. TB - I think you are right. There is going to be a change that few see coming. They have forgot what things could be like. Many never experienced anything different and will be nothing more than deer in the headlights on the road I fear.

  2. having issues with computer
    cannot work the email which is acting up
    hope it is the solar behavior and not the computer

    1. deb - mine is always messing up with any and everything public like media. I still suspect a conspiracy to shut everyone up eventually myself.


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