Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Reading - And So It Begins


While I was out feeding Friday afternoon our smallest goat (named Nugget) thouight she wasn't getting enough grain and decided to raid the sheep grain that had fallen on the ground by their trough feeder by sticking her head through the fence. They actually share a fence line right where I put the sheep trough feeders. I did this because we feed the goats in three separate small round feeders so they won't fight, which actually means the lead goat won't pick on the smallest goat and take her food. The sheep feeders I put along the fence so the women folk could feed without complaining about the sheep almost knocking them down. Ya seemed like a good plan until the smallest goat decided to charge the fence for the loose grain and promptly connected her horns straight to my knee cap at full speed Friday.

Now that we are ram-less I am going to put the trough feeders over in the old ram lot which will force the remaining ewes to go into there to get to the troughs and allow a human to feed from over the fence thereby avoiding the sheep stampede and apparently charging goat horns. This will also allow me to make the ram stall in the barn the new sheep stall and will free up there sleeping stall to put some equipment up now.

It still hurts to walk but I went with the Wife to the store today so she didn't have to go alone. I heard more bitching about prices today than I ever have before. There was actually a couple in front of us taking pictures of the more outlandish price tags. They were especially complaining about the Lettuce while all I could think of was to stop feeding your food lettuce. The wife informed me that I have a bad attitude towards lettuce.

When I got back to the Small-Hold I immediately found the reports about the vandalism on the power stations down in North Carolina. Looked to me like the media was kinda trying to sell this as a green terrorist action and the comment sections seemed to agree. Interesting that my first thought went the entire opposite direction though. Who knows if I am right or not but when/if the One World Femocrat types finally piss the rural crowd to their breaking point well my guess is rural power and communication centers that serve these city/state kingdoms will be the first thing targeted.

I imagine only those who already know they can comfortably weather a power outage and are prepared for it would target so many sub-stations.  Something the corrupt cheating politicians and One World farm killer types might want to think about.

I can't speak to other's observations but it looks to me like people are finally beginning to wake up and smell the rot all these years of cheap energy and government free money looted from the rest of the world has given us. It is time to pay the pauper tax now I am afraid. 

There is still time to add to your preps and get ready. I came across this article today over at the Survival News site and it is very informative. I did a study something like this years ago so the information was not surprising but I would recommend reading this article for anyone serious about growing your own food this coming Summer.


Prepper food supply: Optimizing gardening calories for your survival stockpile 

Remember Pinto type pole beans are king and Corn/Potatoes are the Bishops of survival agriculture. These type of foods (including a few others lower on the list) or not the exotic type many gardeners love to brag about but there is a reason these crops were grown by early American settlers and rural folk. 

I have already laid out and covered space for 3 new pole bean sections, a year long corn area and potato patch for next years garden extension. I just need to put the new fence up before Spring.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. Hope your knee gets betters soon PP!

    (Goes to do some quick research...)

    I could see the incident going either way, or maybe even both ways. Either way, not a comforting sign.

    Every Christmas since 2020, I have started considering how it might be the last one as I have remembered. Even more poignant, this year.

    1. I hear you TB I am getting much more moribund as I age. I often wonder if it was all worth it.

  2. Worth going over to Comeandmakeit blog for an interesting view of this power outage event.

    It would have been hard to make a better FOR the gay community political action than pissing off the normies in Moore CO. They gain power through "Tolerance" and "Love is love" slogans and here's someone Terrible Attacking all of us to attack those poor Trans-storytellers to kids?

    I smell the party of Chao's hands here.

    1. Michael- Saw an article today blaming rural folk for it from the FBI kinda. Wonder who they will blame in the end?

    2. Whatever patsy that fills the narrative.

  3. Couldnt agree more on the need to grow as much food as possible, as quickly as possible. Theres not a lot we can do about the wickedness in the world, but we can feed ourselves...humans have been doing it for tens of thousands of years.
    A brilliant book to help direct your efforts is Carol Deppe's "The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times. Including the five crops you need to survive and thrive - potatoes, corn, beans, squash and eggs". She explains why these crops are so important...the most calories for the least work, a well-balanced diet and easy to store without freezing or canning. Anyone who realizes we may soon (real soon unless you want to eat bugs) be personally responsible for providing food for our families should have this book!
    Another 2 brilliant books are Eliot Coleman's "Winter Harvest Handbook" and "Four Season Harvest". They explain in great detail how to grow and harvest food year-round in a northern tier state - really! I am on my twentieth year of having a winter salad garden. This year it includes various lettuce, spinach, 5 colors of beet greens and green onions. Nothing fancy or expensive...a small homemade low hoophouse using black plastic water line for hoops and 6 mil plastic sheeting. There is nothing more fun - or satisfying - than putting on the snowmobile suit, elmer fudd hat and pac boots and going out and harvesting fresh salad for us and the chickens - in February!
    PS. If you aren't a lettuce fan, check out the offerings at have spectacular, colorful lettuce offerings that are like nothing else...beautiful and packed with phytonutrients from their rich dark reds, purples, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment and heads up. I think I have Deppe's book though I should go check. I will definitely look into the other titles!!!
      I am not a lettuce fan though :)

  4. Market ticker brings a thought to the Moore Co power situation.

    Also, as an aside I was talking to my local linemen earlier this year. They were taking down unused transformers to store as "Used Spares" and when I asked, they had to send their New Spares to Florida for the hurricanes. Cupboard is bare folks.

    1. I actually made a uranium play the other day. Something I thought I would never do. At this point I really don't care anymore if it fails then it is all gone anyway. I have heard the transformer backlog is gone for years now so it makes sense what you say.


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