Thursday, December 8, 2022

Can't Complain Too Much


It's pretty much drizzled on me for the last three days straight. Luckily it has been holding off until Afternoons for the most part and it is the mornings when I am stuck in a parking lot with a clipboard full of sales sheets and delivery receipts that rain can really mess up my day. Still it means I get little done after my regular job is over and we are still getting a good flood of new vehicles in daily. I am forced to get creative with finding parking spaces now and the General manager doesn't really appreciate my creative parking skills quite like all the tier 2 bosses do. 

On the other hand the kinda cold temperatures and rain is keeping all of them out of my parking lots so there is very little situational awareness I have to explain to them  anyway. 

All and all I cannot complain about the temps so far this Fall. It has been pretty mild and warm plus no big wind storms yet. I hope it stays this way.

I am steadily trying to get enough of a surplus split firewood stacked up to get through any unreasonable weather and supposedly we have a potential doozie coming in to visit early next week. And this three days of rain in putting me behind.  To balance that out though it really has not been very cold either and even with this predicted Arctic blast they say is coming day time temps are still suppose to be a bit above freezing. We can handle that easily it's those single and negative temps that really get my boxers in a knot.

On the annoying side of things though I noticed my side door to the outside is once again not latching closed like it should. I thought I had that problem fixed last Winter but apparently it has started doing it once again. I guess the constant wet swelled it up out of alignment again this year.

Nothing else really going on though. Goats are happy being able to forage the garden area, so are the chickens. I am missing the last of my old Rhode Island Red hens though. She seems to have disappeared Tuesday sometime. I have found no evidence of "Fowl" play or feathers anywhere but she might have just hid somewhere and passed on to. She was the last of 10 hens a neighbor down the road came and asked us to take because they were moving out of state. Their flock was too old to sell and no one wanted them so I said sure and took em all in. That was about 4 years ago I think. I know we did lose a few over the years to predators. I ought to start fencing the chickens in for their own protection but truth is they are so happy free ranging I just can't start penning them up.

My guess is they won't mind so much in Winter though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Where did you get a picture of me when I forget to shave?

    Getting ahead of critical needs like firewood and easy critter care is important in case the Bugs gets you and keeps you down for a week.

    1. Michael - Sorry I just searched grumpy bear for a pic :)
      YA I need to get in a better habit I am not used to not having an extra safety net helper around anymore.


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