Saturday, September 3, 2022

Why all the Fuss?


Why all the fuss? So BiteMe, the soaked sock puppet cuck of Obummer Regime 2.0 recited a badly written speech authored by one of his Obummer worshiper plants declaring his hatred for all of us. Anyone who thinks that confused, angry old pedo (not a semi-Pedo either I bet) could have won an election without Obummers' ACORN Minions is a fool. So he read the speech word for word and screamed his hatred for anything with a lighter shade of skin tone and especially male. Them or anyone who does not want to harm them included I guess.

Again so what? Any White Male with a half a brain that attended college in the last 40 or 50 years figured out the Femocrat Alliance hates us anyway. The only question has always been how long before they get enough power to do what they really want and begin executing us piecemeal?  

Ain't gonna happen.

Time is ticking away for the Multi-Cult and the Men of the world who are not currently living in liberal occupied territory are not playing nice nor going to make it easy for these tyrants either.

I am not making a prediction here because I am not convinced I have enough information to be sure but if the world is hit with only a fraction of what World leaders keep warning about the liberal Green terrorists are going to have their hands too full to even look our way. The West especially is more likely to come screaming for our help, like when the wife sees a skunk on the front porch, than try and attack us. At some point the States themselves are going to begin making laws to protect their citizens long before the Femocrats even figure out how to move outside the Blue craphole cities. Provided they get beyond the courts anyway.

The most important thing real conservative American's can do is to come through this next Winter in the best shape possible. Thrive in the face of shortages, outages and IRS attacks. Bolster local and State governments and prove the FedGov is nothing more than a hindrance. 

Our major weakness going forward is to remove the RINO type from State government and prove to ourselves (meaning other's around us that is) that we can infact stand on our own. Once that begins to sink in the Federal Tyrants will have no hold over us and local/state leaders will begin to grow a spine.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! And get ready!!!!


  1. I think the caterwauling and moaning is that a lot of people are just beginning to realize the system has crashed. We are staggering along on momentum alone, much like Biden's corpse. The socialists have finished their long march through the institutions... and they don't work anymore. It's getting to the point that the cucks, RINOs, and normies can't flake out on the couch and drink beer, watch sportzball, and pretend everything is okay.

    Sure, Biden is a paper tiger... but the people that handle him are largely morons, degenerates, and carpet baggers. They are too stupid/corrupt/demented to run a country, and at some point they will have to be dispensed with and replaced. If things run along the typical historic arc - we are going to get a strong man either from the left or the right - that will sweep the swamp creatures away in a spray of bullets and blood. If the wrong guys win that battle... preppers will become prime targets.

    1. Filthie - You are 100% correct we have not had a strong Male in a long time and when it comes to a lack of empathy and a need to destroy Women are much more ruthless than Men, especially when they are making someone else do it. I know the last part was all me and not your opinion :) necessarily. The Multi-Cult conglomerate have been running on automatic for decades and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    2. you men need to run for public office get rid of corrupt men and a thousand others just as corrupt will rise up to fill the void

    3. deb - eventually. political office draws sociopaths like rotten meat draws flies. First the Men followed as soon as possible by the corrupt women as well. Especially in a democracy where everyone only has one vote.

    4. but the offices are there to be filled and filled they will be
      might as well be filled by the incorrupt, which means gritting the teeth and entering the fray, running for office

    5. Deb - I cannot speak for all Men of course but if I was a bit younger I would think about running for a local or State office. I would just hope I did not get the Kavanaugh treatment cause with my younger days I am sure my political aspirations would end there. Imagine an unknown Tony Stark type running for office and old.

  2. Might want to wander over to the Wikipedia and look up Bolsheviks.

    What's the fuss? Maybe the death and destruction crazy people currently holding the levers of power?

    Even if we "Win" America as we know it is gone.

    1. Michael - Bolsheviks were pretty much not racist like our current femocrats. They did kill off some groups they thought unworthy but race was never a main issue with them, nor gender like it is with these clowns. Fascism and socialism are pretty close on the spectrum the main dividing factor is usually the private business angle. If the government meddles in private companies for support etc. but lets them stay private it's fascism if the state takes em over it's socialism.

  3. Its is all for the convenience of the Left and Corruptocrats.

    "Class" was the big thing in the 19th Century. That sounded "cool" until the Communists tried to take over Germany after WWI and found that those with skills and a job preferred NSDAP (Nazi), leaving the useless "lumpenproletariat" for the Grand Revolution. They all went to the firing squad together.

    In the West, anyone with some enthusiasm and/or intelligence could prosper, so "Class" wasn't going to work, They decided to go with "Racism". The Leftist Progressives hoped that no one would realize that during the peak of the slave trade in the 17th and 18th Centuries, the slave trade in West Africa consisted of the sale of non-productive, worthless, lazy and criminal individuals that were useless to the ruling tribes. Those deficits were passed to the descendants, like Father, like Son, through the generations. The "Woke" leadership

    felt that the ghetto people would not figure out that their Commissars were just as "White" as the supposed opponents of their "Masters". The "marginal" population was displaced by automation and "off shoring", but were distracted by whining about "racism". That was easy enough to do, since they were burdened by the deficits of the founding population, that was selected for their failures. The fantasy of racism was used to distract the not-too-bright "Woke" with the simple explanation of "racism" as well as the dim ghetto people. Both groups were entranced by a simple explanation of why they were failures. "Blame Them". The leadership of the "Woke" had a following of the dim and the ghetto, who would never accomplish anything and whose bitterness was a useful tool with which to gain power. Discrimination would always be the answer for failure.

    Brighter or more capable parents would have brighter and more capable children. The better resources of those parents didn't make their children more successful. Failure bred failure, from the slave markets of West Africa to the south side of Chicago.

    The cultivation of "class" and thuggery built and destroyed Russia/Soviet Union. The Woke and Corruptocrat leadership hope that you will not notice that they just switched "Race" for Class.

    They know it is a fantasy. That is why they are importing a mass of Illegal Aliens to replace the feckless urban ghetto population. Compton, California was the model for that. The Hispanic gangs drove the useless Black gang-bangers into other ghettos. That meant profit for the property owners and grift for the pols.

    All they had to do was to buy the mouth pieces in gov, education, and media. You are going to love your new neighbors.. And if they work it right, you will not have the firearms with which to defend yourself or your family from the ghetto "refugees" fleeing the new population in the cities.

    And all from changing the prattle from "class" to "race".

    1. Mike-SMO no arguments there, although I was under the impression that post WWI German's seemed to flock more to the Socialism movement until the Nazi's got an upper hand. Not that it matters. In the end I think the Multi-Cult is going to have way too many resource issues to continue with their agenda at this point. Going to be much harder to pay for all this Green Die-versity without debt.

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