Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Looks Like I called the Cattle Question Correctly


Guess it's been all over the local news enough that it finally made it to my eyes but it appears the cattle herds across the country are indeed being sold off fast, at least West of the Mississippi anyway and especially in Texas.

Texas Ranchers Rush to Sell Livestock

 “We’re taking young cows in the prime of their life, and they’re getting turned into hamburger meat,” Luensmann said. “We’re selling them just out of desperation because you don’t want to mistreat the animal and make it starve. So, we’re dispersing herds.”


Interesting as I have said I don't see any of the large operations around me, with hundreds of bales that have been around for years, being cleaned out. 

Two things occur to me however.

One. if all this beef is being slaughtered due to drought and forage/feed shortages why are prices not going down?

Two.  Maybe I should re-evaluate putting a few head on my currently available pasture.

I do see why my closest neighbor has been increasing his herd so much this year however.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. If you have the space and feed it might be prudent to do so at this point. I've put 2 dairy cows on mine that I obtained in payment. Had them both impregnated for calfing next year. Now got dairy and future beef on the hoof. Thank goodness I kept an old manual milking machine!

    1. Ro - Good advice! I am mulling it over. Only concern I have is we are attempting to scale everything down here since I am now completely on my own for that type of thing. Many article have also mentioned that Goats and Sheep are going for a premium and I still have four breed-able ewes to start back over with if I picked up another Ram. Our old ram is very old now not sure he could handle the strain at his age now.


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