Monday, February 15, 2021

We're Still Here!!!


We have had basically four days straight with temps under 8 degrees and the last three have not climbed above 2 or 3 degrees total. Wind chills have varied but have been as low as -20's. We still have running water in the bathroom though!!!! All other lines have been shut down as conditions left us with no choice but to shut em down before they froze up. Honestly I am amazed I have not had to shut the entire water off once and for all. 

Any of you remember when we were kids the old folks saying "It's too cold to snow"? Well they were liars. There is no low end range I guess. We got drifts 2 to 3 foot deep in places and it is still snowing. The only bright side to all this is it's a very dry snow.

The water tank heaters stopped keeping up this morning. Well two of the three did. I been breaking the ice on them about every four hours but the ewes don't even seem to care. The ram's water is still staying open but he won't even get out of his hay bed and the chickens have retreated into their coop and formed a ball similar to the one bee's form when they swarm. I also added a bunch of hay into the coop so they have insulation around them. I go out three times a day with water and food for them.

The goats are another problem. The house the three of them have been sharing for years is stuffed full of hay and unless I go out with grain all I see of them is their little horny faces. However now the lead goat Houdini has decided the small goat Nugget has no need to be in there and keeps kicking her out. She has been looking miserable standing in the cold wind all afternoon so looks like we are putting her in the huge dag crate and bringing her in the house for the night. That will be a first.

One more night supposedly of this frozen hell and the temps are predicted to climb into the teens again. I can handle teens for extended periods easily. All the work I have done on this old house I have managed to Winterize it fairly well even down into the negative temps as long as they don't stay around for days with high wind chills. Unfortunately this has been one of those rare Alberta Clippers that chose to move in for weeks. Wasn't until Sunday things started getting dicey though.

One more night...


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! 


  1. Glad to hear you are making it Preppy. Any problems with flooding?

    1. Not yet since all the precipitation is still in it's frozen form. I imagine we will be in mud central with puddles everywhere by this weekend though. The snow is really dry though so not sure what the actual liquid count will be once it melts.

  2. Stop calling it an “Alberta Clipper”!!!! It is properly called The Siberian High Pressure Air Mass. Back in the days of eccentric weathermen, we used to say ‘Keep your eye on the Siberian High!’ It’s the commies I tells ya!!!

    Do you have wood heat PP?

    1. GF = Ok a Siberian invasion how is that? Ya I have an outside wood furnace that works perfectly down to about the lower teens if the wind is blowing but keeps the house perfectly warm even into negative temps if it is only for a day or so or if the wind isn't too bad. We can usually survive a negative dip without even noticing much but if it stays around a while that is when things start to become an issue... Like this latest frozen hell. I also have a small inside wood stove as my final option or if the power goes out. If the power goes out I am pretty much sunk as far keeping the water flowing anyway so at that point I shut off the water and open all my drain taps then switch to the small stove and only heat one room of the house. I got enough back up with mu generator and batteries to run the outside furnace past the danger point allowing the fuel inside to burn itself out without over heating. After that it is small wood stove only.

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