Monday, December 11, 2023

Slowly But Surely

It is taking me more time than I anticipated but things are beginning to fall into place. I finally got all the hay moved out of the main field and dispersed around so it is either eaten or spread out this spring or Summer. The big switch from local corn production to soybean has finally drove the goose flights far enough away that I only see em way over head now flying to some other location for the night. The small armies of feeding geese guarding the corn field are gone now. Now that it is December I need to focus more on getting the pipes hardened against the January and February cold spells and of course more wood split, stacked and covered. When we make it to March life get's a whole lot easier for the live stock and me as a matter of fact. Gonna take me all summer to get this mess straightened out I figure and get past the water line concerns.

My ex boss has already made some inquiries about coming back to help them get the mess they were stuck with straightened out. They were left with some 200 odd electric Mustangs scheduled to lose their $7500.00 tax reduction by the first of the year unless they can un-load em before then. That is just a fraction of it. Ford already has their money on paper time for the Auto-group to suck it up I guess.

Going to be time to suck it up and get back to work around here now....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

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