Monday, November 13, 2023

Mass Confusion


I don't normally do this but I will say that if the same scenario runs equal across the Continent if you are thinking of purchasing  a new vehicle soon maybe the time. The combination of the Scamdemic, and sellers euphoria on a cash high added to the strike and the hopium of trying to make the cash flow continue not to mention the move to add new employees and this need for new technology seem to have zapped the brains of the all around us. I imagine a new dose of reality is not helping either. 

I was so disillusioned last week I took the whole weekend off bound and determined I was going to stay away in the hopes some reality would creep back into the world while I was gone.... I was wrong. 

First thing I noticed is there are keys laying everywhere so I asked the front office employees why.... Not a one of them knew where they had come from or cared where they need to go.  I know that look they gave me I see it everyday on the face of every delivery driver out of Wentzeville. All they wanted was to pass the problem onto someone else. It was then the cashier began complaining about them and I suggested I had an inbox in the cashier office and that she could just put all unknown keys there and I would sort thru em periodically and take them where they need to go. She liked that suggestion.

My second stop was to see if they had fixed the glitch that automatically transferred all new deliveries into the new stock numbers. I already knew that answer was gonna be a huge NO but sure enough it did not work and still even though that functionality was thrown around as the top priority reason for needing a new system no one will now take possession of it. 

So I diligently went and found out how they are changing the stock numbers precisely and then tested the software to even see if it would accept the new addition. I got my first real break and found that all they added was new start code and the inventory software would indeed take it. All I had to do was manually put it in... I knew they're plan would fall apart the first time some delivery driver just threw his load off on the side of the road so spend the next couple hours looking for Mach E's nobody wanted.

Funny how many people demand a say and a paycheck with no responsibility of making things work isn't it? You would swear they were all Democrats.

Now that I have a work around it place I must admit if I have to put in a lot of overtime this is the best time for it. No heat to contend with and less daily farm duties in the Winter.

I got feeling car Dealerships are going to be glutted all over the country with inventory because a lot of these problems seem more driven from the top to me so they will be everywhere I imagine..

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. PP, it certainly feels like less and less people care about more and more things. Great time to put money aside if one has the opportunity.

  2. "a lot of these problems seem more driven from the top" That seems to be the case with most of our problems.

    1. Leigh - I am convince those at the top think they know something we don't.

  3. Your post was brilliant! I appreciate your perspective. Looking forward to your future writings.

    1. Sol- Thank You!! It that kind of comment that is my main motivator!!!!


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