Monday, September 4, 2023

Burning Man and Another Heat Wave


My fix up and clean up endeavors got put aside again as the heat wave returned yesterday and today, got so bad that all the regular citizens of the farm hid pretty much all day. I know it is hot when even the chickens and goats won't come out to see me and rummage my pockets looking for food so I got a few things done and retreated into the shade myself.

I still have trees down and weeds everywhere but I am pretty sure there isn't enough time left before Winter hits to make any difference in what I need to get done by the end of Winter anyway. Just getting the roof repaired on the chicken coop Saturday was a major move forward.

Just coming in and catching up on blog reading is what turned me to the topic of the Burning Man festival. Before I start I am not claiming to be some sort of aficionado on the subject. I happen to have a small bit of knowledge from a long time ago that someone might find interesting and that is it it.

My first encounter with the name and/or idea of Burning Man came about the middle of the 1980's as I remember it.  Back then I had a lot of contact with people that enjoyed such things from one coast to the other especially after it was pretty obvious any military endeavors were going to be a non=starter for a few years due to the coming in political environment. Somehow I found myself giving a ride to three people from GoodYear, Arizona out to California somewhere just South of LA I think. I kept in touch and spent a fair amount of time off and on in and around the US South West.

Turned out these people were somehow involved with the Burning Man event and invited me out each year for it.  As I remember it the event back in those days was almost always on a beach in California somewhere and the burning part pretty much was centered on one particular guys burning of all his worldly possessions due to some kind of family/girlfriend drama. The wooden man part was added later and brought with it a fair amount of drama itself as many locations would not allow it.

That is about my extent as too early history dealing with burning man except to say that later on about the mid 90's I was told there was some kind of strife between groups who wanted to control it. I also heard the original inventor had moved up around Seattle and the new groups has corporate and government backing. I was also told that the deal included agreements for yearly camps set up for the backers. Only thing I was assured of is after the 90's it was nothing even close to the original event it had started out as as it had many special interest groups involved as well.

Sounds to me like a good reason to not be on site for such as event is all I can say!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. While living in Reno, been to it twice. My eccentric ex-wife wanted to go with her bestest girlfriend from work and I wasn't going to allow her to go for a few days alone. What F@%*% fest! Weirdos and freaks. I had guys coming up with me standing there propositioning her and the girl in front of me. An accidental display of my pistol cured that fast. I said flat out no anymore has they had some problems with assaults' and rapes of woman that was in the news.

    1. Cederq - Can't I ever went after about 89 but I heard about the Bur of land management strong arming the crew for pre-set space and decided there was no reason to go back anyway. Can't say I ever missed it.


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