Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Praise The Lord It's February


February is one of those months that can either be the greatest time of the year or the most annoying. If it stays dry and mild for most of it or gives me a false Spring week it is my most favorite time but if we keep getting battered by Arctic blasts and snow it makes me more annoyed and ready for Spring. Luckily the forecast seems to be leaning more towards the mild side with this weekend boasting 60 degree days as possible. 

Let me tell you I could use it.

In the space of just three years I have went to pretty much the only chore doer around here and I got all of the animals who once fell under someone else's primary care now totally under mine. Of course I was always the one who took care of the larger harder or less pleasant jobs regardless but between my Son, my mother and my wife they would do most of the easy stuff like feeding and opening up gates etc. If I needed help with an implement switch I had a  close to hand immediate help etc. But all that has changed and I have also become the defacto favorite human for every critter on the place.

Who all demand a bit of special needs attention which adds up more than people would think. 

Couple this with the renewed vehicle deliveries and the end of the scamdemic, short days and now constant wood splitting I have been over whelmed and very short on time since about November. 

Yet this evening it was a pleasant 40 degrees, no wind and by the time I got feeding done and everyone counted plus checked over and the chickens put to bed I had almost a full 45 minutes of day light left and began picking stuff up and planning for my next bonus job I need to do.

Which is to finish cutting up that small tree I cut down in the goat pasture. I may infact have time and pleasant enough weather this week end to get it done.

I often wish I could just hibernate for the month of January it sucks so bad.

Anyway I hope I get a chance to start getting more stuff done around here before March hits cause it's a good bet I won't be doing much but mowing until June after that. A couple days getting seedlings started than it will be constant rains until May and explosive grass growth. Any time it isn't raining I will be mowing but it will be warm enough I can work in the barn some too.

Either way the end of January is a time for celebration. I will probably be out of touch tomorrow cause if it is sunny I intent to blast any friggin Groundhog in the state that dares to poke it's head out of it's burrow,

Keep Prepping Every One!!!


  1. Unfortunately, the africans have the month of February all to their self.

    1. Hey I try and ignore that it doesn't apply to my universe.

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  3. Not anonymous :-) the above "healer" is a chatbot. Now "Annie" I made lots of money has a boyfriend.

    February, the coldest month of my year in New England. Seed catalogues and the wood pile. Too early to start seeds.


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