Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Impatient Chickens and Blog Isssues


It appears the last two remaining chickens are so impatient for a larger flock they have planted themselves in Mrs. PP 's tomato pots . I bought these wooden planter things for the Mrs. Years ago and they are now falling apart but she still puts a Tomato plant in each one along the back each season. Mostly because I finally banned her from putting any actual plants in my garden areas. She is the worst about keeping em tidy and I don't want her weeds in my garden damnit or taking care of her plants cause she has as bad a taste in plant varieties as she does in real food IMO. 

Any rate the chickens have decided that planting themselves may spring more forth more chickens sooner. Actually I imagine that with the ground frozen the potting soil in these pots is about the only place left now with loose dry dirt so they took the opportunity to dust bath themselves. Usually about now there is a waiting line but with the coon attacks from hell there is no line.  

We have so far managed to weather this latest Arctic Attack pretty well but I ignored the deliveries (which were very few) and stayed home to keep the fire going and make sure there were no water issues. Suppose to start warming up nicely starting tomorrow and highs projected into the fifties now through Mid February. 

Time to start preparing for Spring I guess.

The last two weeks I don't know what has been going on with Google but A few times I have been unable to even post to my own blog and I am almost completely unable to post comments just about anywhere at all. I tried over at TB's, Filthie's and Lazy Farmer's was just told it didn't take. Too bad too cause I wanted to comment on the Medieval Helms at Filthies. Oh well. Not sure if Google will ever get this straightened out as I am sure it some new form of censor-ship they are working on. 

So if you think I am ignoring my usual blog rounds I am not I just can't comment at all now.

Ah well I am sure that will go eventually anyway it seems no one wants to even read the truth anymore. I am used to it anyway.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Well, until I hit publish, I'll not know if my post will make it on your blog.

    Several blogs I follow seem to be suffering from extra mischief from Google, requiring sign in and such?

    Given the recent troubles with laying hens I hope you get some egg production friend.

  2. Do those three blogs use embedded comments? I had trouble with those awhile ago and finally found out that google requires you to have third party cookies enabled on your browser to comment on blogs with embedded comments. Annoying, I know.

  3. We too have had a few problems over at Bustednuckles with comments dropping out, or long term commentators comment being sent to our spam folder.

  4. Spectacular PP! Never woulda thunk you could grow chicken plants the same way ya do with cigar plants…


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