Friday, February 5, 2016

Tractor Time - Cockshutt!!!

Sorry I had to work today and this post had originally been scheduled to go out late this morning but of course with the lovely blogger it didn't go at all.

I searched and searched but could only find one suitable picture of a Cockshutt tractor for a tractor time post.

Another Canadian tractor and implement company Cockshutt started off selling Allis-Chalmers model 20 - 35 tractors but eventually purchased Oliver tractors to market as their own (the second greatest tractor ever made behind Fords). Cockshutt eventually produced many great tractors of their own design that are collectors items today and hard to find. Eventually Cockshutt was bought out by White Motor Company, which had also bought the Oliver line and so Cockshutt and Oliver tractors of the 1960's are pretty much the same with just different paint jobs.

Since the Cockshutt pictures were so scarce I decided to add a few more pictures of other tractors to appease the tractor enthusiast out there. Enjoy!!!

At least they are mostly red eh?

And White!!!

As usual click for a larger image!!!

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