Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More from the Canary

Detroit is back in the news again. Not that it has really ever been totally out of the news but a new step down has been reached for the canary of Modern American decline.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that the only real differences between Detroit and the US as a whole is that Detroit cannot print it's own money and we the people cannot escape the Federal government like old Detroiters did when they escaped the wreckage being wrought by local mirror images of National liberal/Feminist politicians.

Review Team: Detroit Faces Financial Crisis has no plan to fix it

Well of course they don't. They are not going to stop spending because they know they will continue to get bailed out one way or another. To let them fall would be WAAAAAAYCIST.

This is the way the rest of the US is going my friends. I have not been to Detroit in over 10 years but I can assure you that the entire landscape is not the total blight like we see pictures of. Inside that cesspool I am sure are well kept small-holds owned by people who cross all spectrum's of  race and creed.

Yet there is only one political ideology to blame for the decay that has become so prevalent as to render the well kept small-holds in Detroit a statistical none entity. Liberalism (and all it's allies and hidden special interest controllers).

These same ideologies now hold us all captive and are slowly turning all of this once proud country into a larger version of Detroit.

The question that remains unanswered still is.... Will we let them?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. So far, it seems we will. So far.

  2. Hey - Zimbabwe still had a couple of hundred bucks in the bank last week, maybe Detroit can get a loan...............

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  4. Untill we the sheeple stand up, walk out the door with our rifles, hunt down AND EXTERMINATE, every leftist, we are doomed. We will wipe out the communist, or they us. There is no longer any other way to fix this.

    1. You are correct. It's going to be a fight. Any idiot should see it coming. Right now we are just jockeying for position and each side is hoping to claim the moral high ground for when it starts.

  5. That would be an interesting post- going forward, what area, city, town, or whatever, would make a good canary to keep an eye on.

    In my neck of the woods I am thinking something like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Tourism and retirement are very possibly going to get hammered in the future.

    Have to think on it some more though - Myrtle Beach (around here anyway) is maybe too obvious of a target.


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