Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Reading - Dealing with New Allergy Reactions

It's become oppressively hot here again. To top things off my allergies have decided to reach some new heights of discomfort this year.  I don't know if it is because I am getting old and this development has become the new norm or not but I am about a fraction of a millimeter from going to the doctor over it and that is a kin to declaring a nuclear strike for me. I have always had allergies. In some parts of the world they were so bad (I shiver thinking about the Flax harvest in South Dakota while I was constructing grain silos) I had to drug up and couldn't even operate well. Around Missouri my allergies have always been minor with a bit of sneezing in the early morning and some red eyes and very rare itching. Not so this year. Every couple of weeks I am getting allergic reactions the like of which I have never had before.

My eyelids will begin itching and turning red then they swell and eventually after about a day or so it stops but the upper layer of skin will then flake off and the eye area remains kinda puffy for days. Either the front of my neck or the cheek area along the nose will also become itchy and swell at times too. The cheek skin and around my nostrils also dies and flakes off but my neck just turns red and itches to high heaven. Lastly the inside of my wrists or forearms will become itchy and develop little hives.  I will get these symptoms either all at the same time or in various combinations. Sometimes they will rotate, my eyes will itch then stop but my neck starts itching or wrist etc. in differing time slots during the day. Then suddenly it just stops all at once and starts to heal up.

I actually called in to work one day because of these reactions and I haven't missed a day of work in over a year.

I can almost tell you when these symptoms are going to hit now though. I say almost because occasionally it doesn't happen when the circumstances are right and I think it is going to.  Generally speaking though when we get a cool spell followed by or ushered in by rain then a high temperature hot day of humidity that breaks the cool spell then I get hit with the symptoms. Sometimes it takes no more than a cool night with a heavy morning dew and higher temps the next day to set me off. Then sometimes the temperature and weather conditions seem to hit just right and no symptoms show up at all. As I mentioned sometimes I get the symptoms in various combinations and severity as well.

I am betting it has to be some type of mold spore that comes out under those right conditions. Just seems that the conditions I describe are also ideal conditions for lots of fungus growth is the only reason I say that really but it has also been happening off and on since late Winter which tells me whatever is doing it doesn't follow seasons as closely as regular plants. I have varied my diet, made the wife switch laundry detergent, changed soap, stopped wearing some of my different materials for work shirts but the symptoms come back usually after a cool spell.

Finally I broke down and began taking Zyrtec this week. It seemed to make my symptoms go away but that may have been because the temps got high enough to kill off whatever is giving me the reactions.

I sure hope I find a solution though. These new reactions coupled by reduced tolerance to heat I seem to get the older I become has sure slowed me down this year Let me tell ya...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I hear you mold blooms mess might right up too.

  2. Its just the LIBERAL LEFT making you feel so crappy. Its their new tactic..One hard freeze and you will feel better

  3. Preppy, we have mold here when things get hot and humid. Not something I have had to deal with before - but it definitely can be a thing.

    I heartily recommend the medication when necessary. It sure beats being hardly able to breathe.

  4. Even our dogs this year have had issues with skin irritations and allergic reactions. I blame the dry hot weather and the over spraying of pesticides in our area. We drink lots of raw milk here and so we people have done ok but until I increased the portions of raw milk for our dogs, they suffered. Took me awhile to figure out what they needed, after rounds of steroids did no good. Hope your issues improve soon

  5. best to go to doc to find cause.
    as i've aged i have started having allergies and now i am often at th allergist 3 times per week for the shots.
    has slowed after june and jul, though but when the maples bloom it will start over.
    find the cause and you may be able to deal with it better.
    better than suffering.
    in spring i take zyrtec and take claritin in summer.

    always thought people aged out of allergies but i have age into them.

  6. I never had allergies when I was younger (pre-40's). Now they're a constant companion; the hitch-hikers who won't get out of the car. I take Zyrtec. I also run a HEPA air cleaner in the bedroom. The weather here has been hot enough to sunburn the devil, so I don't think it's mold. Keep track of which way the wind's blowing; no kidding. Our prevailing winds are from the west. When they come from the east or northeast, I have the worst time of it; pollen from out of state, I suppose...

  7. Maybe all the smoke that came from California, who knows what was burning out there. Rain and feels like fall here at times.

  8. PP! You’re back! You were MIA for so long that I was about to divide up your stuff amongst your fans and have legally declared dead! ;)
    Good to see you back, sir!

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  11. PP, Happy New Year & a belated Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  12. Well deserved!

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  13. I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks

  14. This post is so encouraging. Nice work.

  15. looks like you've died again or gone to play Pokemon Go :P

  16. time for an update PP

  17. Hope all is well, missing your posts!


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