Friday, January 17, 2014

Why the Patriot Movement is Leaderless

I want to expand on my earlier post a little this evening. For many a year now it has been noted all over the various III% blogs that there really are no true leaders. Some blame personality in fighting or whatever but I believe the real lack of leadership issue goes much deeper than anyone can readily admit.

The last couple of days of arguments, censorship, and indoctrinated opinions on some blogs that try and come across as being freedom oriented has seen a flaring up in the militia/patriotic community and is a prime example of the evil our culture has been infected with. As a matter of fact I have seen it rear it's ugly head before but wasn't able to identify it until late last night.

As a society we have been brainwashed into assigning importance and ability only with the stamp of approval that comes from the government or it's allies. We can almost universally see that the very same government is actively pushing militant racial discrimination, biased financial favoritism and heavily pushing an agenda that goes against the very core belief of the people who make up the patriotic movement. Yet even though we see these things clearly many are still looking for that mythical unicorn military leader that has some "official" qualifications to assume command.

Now why would we assume any leader that comes from the very sickness that is attacking us is going to share our values or core beliefs?

As I pointed out, and I know this from experience at least from the officer ranks, anyone who attained a rank much above Captain had to play the political game and tow the party line or they were not getting anywhere.  For the very same reason our police departments across the country have deteriorated into groups of armed thugs those same pressures have been working within the military. I certainly wouldn't trust the police to protect my rights or agree with my core beliefs so why would I assume some one of high military rank or a member of some "elite" unit will?

There really has not been a level playing field for 20 to 30 years and most men who think like me were weeded out a long time ago. I would say the chances are any men who think like you were weeded out as well. Whomever you are.

When the time comes my friends this sickness they carry with them from constant indoctrination will prove their ultimate downfall. Yet only when the time comes will we see true leaders emerge. Leaders proven by deeds and natural selection not those promoted and groomed by the very entity that is out to destroy us.

Seriously think about it. Think long and hard about who is allowed to make it in today's society and who isn't and then choose wisely. Those who truly share our beliefs are not going to be the ones currently or recently groomed by the entity we live in fear of. There maybe some who slipped through the cracks and I truly hope there are but we will see.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. I'm not sure where the dust-up is you mention, but I have had a few interesting polls up for the last 2-3 days about "Leaders" of the III.

    More than 1/2 agree that there "are" III Leaders.

    However only 1/3 think such leaders should claim the title.

    Does that speak to men who want someone to follow (someone to go first) without making them "look" like "followers" instead of independent men?

    I'm not sure how to interpret the data yet - I really don't have enough info yet.

    But it is a very interesting dynamic among those most likely to fight.


    1. K - Oh there are leaders but of that half I would be interested in knowing who they think they are. Everyone that seems to have a following also seems to have opinions contrary to a large number of others. I don't think there is a real leader who can generate enough overall to qualify is the problem.

      Now for myself I am pretty easy going really but I cannot and will not tolerate any continuation of the biased racial system the current government is advocating. I find that those who come from an "elite" type military atmosphere within the last 10 or 15 years to be the furthest from me politically and still be within the patriot movement more or less.

      I hope I explained myself there.

  2. Replies
    1. SF - It makes sense to me. It isn't like normal White Men have had a level playing field or anything so it seems natural those coming out of the system would not be what I am looking for.

  3. We noticed the lack of leadership back during the Reagan/Thatcher era - there was no one else coming up through the ranks who could do what Ronnie & Margaret did. No one worthy of the title is going to claim leadership when the crunch comes, but will be asked by others to assume it, like G. Washington was.

    1. RP - There are a few very knowledgeable guys out there but I have generally noticed the ones who came after me get more and more indoctrinated the further after my time they come from. I am just blaming it on mind control and liberal weeding showing some fruit.

      My hopes are reality will knock some sense into them.

  4. Spot on, the Rev. said, when the time arrives. Until then the intelligent cruse under the radar.

    1. Stephen - Yep it's best to remain under cover but I just can't resist popping up and opening a window in hopes someone worth it will jump through.

  5. I don't have an answer for that at this time I would assume that the true leaders would become seeable as the unpleasantness nears.I'll keep my powder dry on that particular subject and continue on my chosen path.There may come a time to side up with folks you are at cross purposes with at this particular time.My two cents anyways.

    1. StRV - My issue is that we need to realize the ones who have been getting the bennies and training are fitting a mold other than what we would want our leaders to fit.

  6. I'm still hoping for a sleeper candidate. Someone that will just pop up some day and say "Enough of this crap. I'm in the game now." Like Clint Eastwood.

    1. OJD - One can hope. But they seem to all fall under the collectivist weeding. Of both parties. I am more interested in direct leaders at this point and it just seems to me the younger ones have too much brainwashing behind them to be worthwhile no matter how much experience the have otherwise.

  7. The reality is that the most likely leaders will not actually claim the title of "leader" at this time - true leaders are interested more in results than in the title.

    1. TB - A very good point. I must say the results I saw in the comments of the posts I am referring to here were actually quite heartening. The original racist/posters got owned in my opinion.

  8. Preppy - I have thinking a great deal about this lately both personally and in the context of my employment. What I have realized is that people who often vocally say they want to - or "ought to" - be leaders are precisely the wrong people to be leaders. Why? Because they believe leadership to be something which is solely a question of having authority and power to have others do things and the recognition that they are "in charge". True leaders may accept these things as part of the task of leadership but are not caught up in them. Why? Because they are there to accomplish a task or goal, not to have people marvel at them as they do it. I always remember (and try to use) the British Officer's code of leadership, which is simply that you do not eat, drink, or sleep before those you lead have had the opportunity to do so.

    1. TB - There is much truth in your thoughts. However what I see as a real issue are those who will only follow someone who has somekind of stamp or award given by the government. Too many people place too much faith in someone just because they happen to have some particular training or brown nosed enough to get soem rank. We need to start looking deeper than that.

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