Saturday, January 18, 2014

It Just Hit a Nerve

If any of you have been wondering what I have been going on about the last few days you can follow the link and then follow the one from there to the source.

Final Blah Blah Blah anti-White Rant

I will be honest this rant hit a very raw nerve with me. During my stint in the Army I met and knew a number of men who earned and wore tabs of one description or another. Why I even got one of my own, I know who cares right? Some had scrolls others had berets in the proper colors that command respect and the color ain't just green either.  Yet since I have hit the blog scene the last few years I have been sadly and alarmingly disappointed in a number of glorified tier 1 Eleven Bravos who add 7 digits to their MOS and Egos at the same time.

Not just this particular case either there have been others that have come before from different sources.

Maybe it's just the old man part of me finally rearing it's ugly head but these guys just ooze out Multi-Cultural indoctrination. Which in my mind makes sense when you realize how heavily vetted they are to achieve a certain goal and the type of ego it takes besides. It reminds me an awful lot of LEO brainwashing to be honest.

There are several things that bother me about these attitudes. For one thing government sponsorship by race is racist. Period. It seems those who shout these Liberal terms also practice censorship and  selective approval to make their point all the while hiding behind "It's my blog". Well ya know it maybe but if you claim to love the Constitution then you must love other people's right to disagree and should show it even when you have the power to silence them.  I am not saying you should allow spam but deleting comments to prove your own point is just shady shit gentlemen.

Live the Life to it's fullest or how did that go.... Be all you can be?

then there is the freedom of association thing. Today's government seems to want that to mean the freedom for them to force whatever association they think I should swallow whether I want it or not.  It doesn't work that way, or isn't suppose to and anyone in a so called patriot/freedom movement should be acknowledging everyone's right to associate or not as they see fit for whatever reason they see fit to make that choice.

Lastly, and this is the most important part, these guys are attacking the least deserving group out there. They are acting like a bunch of TSA agents who grope the women in wheel chairs and the old guys with wooden legs while ignoring the Mullahs with the suitcase at the airports because the first two groups are easier to attack. I am not a White Nationalist but I can tell you those guys are not the violent jerks like the groups the Liberal/Multi-Culters seem to welcome with open arms. For the most part they just want to be left alone and make their own decisions with out having the cult of die-versity shoved down their throats.

Anyway I am done with the whole thing now. Once the comments started rolling in to at least the WRA site I felt better and better about the whole situation. In my opinion the rant writer and his posse got owned pretty soundly. Others may have a different take.

I never thought I would ever say this but ya know I miss the old days when those berets, tabs and scrolls were always to the Right of me.  I guess the Liberals ruined that too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Replies
    1. RP - Ya know the thing is I do not specifically disagree with the concept of not judging someone because of skin color. However I cannot fault anyone for being cautious and weighing race as one of the reasons of being cautious. I also cannot fault anyone for simply not wanting to deal with other cultures, races or religions if they don't want to.

      They should have that choice.

    2. What happens when you are all of the above. I have tried very hard not to be prejudiced because of race, culture or religion but the past 13 or so years from our own government has taught me different.


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