Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Reading - An Act of War in Charlottsville?

I had a couple of other topics to choose from originally for today's post. My progress on the east pasture fence or a quick look at just how close to next week's total eclipse "The Small-Hold" is going to be. In short less than 2 miles from the dead center line as it travels across America. We have even had LEOs and various government officials dropping by warning us to watch out for campers and trespassers next weekend.

After the events in Charlottesville this  weekend however I have decided to go a different route. I typically wait a bit longer before making an opinion post on violent events just to start picking through the facts that come out, usually in comments and not the news articles themselves I might add. I am making an exception this time because one thing seems to be crystal clear to me from eye witness reports I have read, some of them I actually know away from the internet.  The Mayor of Charlottesville and the police there set the Alt-Right, White Men up to be attacked. They enforced rules against the Alt-Right Men that they didn't enforce against the violent thug leftist and then herded the Alt-Right Men into positions and places where they could be attacked. Lastly the cops then did absolutely NOTHING to stop the attacks unless the Alt-Right Men fought back and started winning in which case the cops would then step in and stop it.

This my friends is a direct act of violence by a government against White Men. It is an act of war. A couple of the videos showing the "car attack" are also from an angle that clearly show counter protestor leftist with baseball bats surrounding the car before it rams into the crowd. There is a real possibility in my opinion that whoever the man is who was driving may have just been trying to get away from a violent situation that the Charlottesville mayor and police .... even caused to happen and promoted.

The media of course is all in with the evil White Man Nazi narrative with regards to the Alt-Right demonstrators and they have all been convicted in the media already. I am not convinced however and if things come to light that the Charlottesville officials did knowingly and willingly set this situation up then the opening salvo of Civil War II has been fired in my humble opinion and unless heads roll over it then hostilities will only continue to grow.

Maybe time to start figuring out which side you are going to be on real soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. We are supposed to be in the 90% area of the eclipse, I have been in a total one before and it was kind of neat, the birds started flying to their roost area and the sounds were of just after sunset.
    I used to work in C'ville and it was a happy day when I left there. Totally infested with liberals and if Lee were able to respond, he would probably not want his statue or name associated with the bunch of degenerates that live there.

  2. I agree it was a set up. It was announced that the National Guard would be there. Fox News is saying he may have had help. Yea think.

  3. Sounds like you're a Thomas Wictor of twitter fame follower; he nailed the frame by frame assessment of Berkley for the same kind of situation. Hopefully this will be exposed and rejected too.

  4. Ayup. And don't be surprised when guys like us become convenient 'nazis' for feral social justice warriors to beat up and kill... or anyone else the left disagrees with.

  5. Next comes "We have to take away your right to bear arms and you right to freedom of speech "for your own safety..."

    That's about when the real fighting will begin...

  6. We've had the same kind of hype for the eclipse along with beware of the animal sacrifice crowd, too. As of today you could shoot a cannon down the highway and not hit a thing.... except a mormon cricket.

    All these events are set up to eventually declare martial law and any rights we have, under the Constitution, null and void.

    Glad to see you posting again. Sorry about the fencing - I feel your pain. 87" of snow + drifts did a number on them around here. I hate barb wire......


  7. cannot get sbpdl permission denied.
    any way for me to access it?

  8. I have been in a total one before and it was kind of neat, the birds started flying to their roost area and the sounds were of just after sunset.


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  12. Merry Christmas!

    I hope all is well with you and yours.


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