Friday, January 17, 2014

Politics of the Tribe - The Advantage of the Left

Every so often the one true advantage the Feminist/Liberal/Multi-Culters have over us raises it's ugly head and sends me into deep thoughts of despair. The sad fact is that this one advantage also happens to be the the weakest link for those of us on the Conservative/Patriotic side of the aisle. Simply put the Left (To lump them into one word) compromises a varied collection of tribes that in point of fact really do not like each other very much.

Muslims will stand side by side with American Jews, Feminists with Muslims, Blacks with Hispanics, Gia worshipers with Gays. You get the idea. The hypocrisy is staggering when you really think about it. Quite often the various flag wavers from one group or another will slip up and allow their true feelings to show yet these sometimes frequent glimpses into reality are never enough to shake the unwavering loyalty these groups have for each other at least politically here in the US.

Armed with years of indoctrination and careful weeding of any one on the Right that shows promise the Left has also managed to completely shatter most ideas of cooperation between the few groups who oppose them.

One action that I see constantly showing itself within the Patriot/Prepper community is the absolute stupidity of purposefully driving a wedge between groups and individuals that should be allied for our own mutual safety. The battle cry of the so called "Anti Racist" is the most typical form I see. I don't understand the sentiment or the logic behind it to be honest. In a way it shows the same hypocrisy the Left shows as these writers attack White Nationalists for their so called racism but ignore the rampant racism from the other side completely.

Let's put this more into perspective shall we?

Do you see anyone on the Left denouncing their violent, racist allies? Actually all I see are those from the Left celebrating that very racism and violence on a regular basis. They make damned sure to never rock the boat of their political conglomerate and overlook all manner of violence to gain the advantage. Why their very leaders all made a pilgrimage not but a few weeks ago to celebrate the life of a racist, terrorist, murderer.

Yet some blogger who happened to run the course of Leftist weeding and indoctrination is going to lay judgement down on a group of people who simply want to be left alone to freely associate only with those of their own choosing? 

Each of you are free to make your own choices my friends but keep one thing in mind when choosing a philosophy to follow. For more than fifty years the Left has been setting the standards and making the decisions of exactly what type of personality is promoted and what type of ideology is taught. They choose who gets what or who makes the cut. We have not had a level playing field for decades and that includes the choices for leaders we are being presented with today.  Having played that political game myself until I could no longer stomach it let me assure you that anyone who has made it in rank or prestige today has to some extent towed the party line of multi-culturalism to get there and their overall ideology should be suspect no matter how knowledgeable they are in specific areas.

I am not saying that there are no good leaders out there. I know a few who made it through and were able to separate the BS from the truth but there are still plenty who are half indoctrinated and do not even know it.

Always keep in mind it has been the Left's game and the Left's rules for decades and those who oppose the Leftist ideologies are far more likely to be at the bottom of the heap after all this time than at the top of it.

One clue I usually look for is someone who loudly proclaims opinions, yes like I do as well there is no denying that, but then proudly proclaims they will happily shut down debate or remove comments they do not agree with. Anyone who flees from defending their position should be suspect.

The truth is each of us needs to look deep down and evaluate certain preconceived notions about what exactly racism is and what it is not. What is acceptable to assume for not only ourselves but for the survival and safety of our loved ones as well. We must keep in mind that we have been taught for generations one way of thinking is wrong but in fact maybe it isn't so very wrong after all and nothing to feel guilty about. 

Let's face it folks if I have 100 little green martians in my hay field and 50 of them want to kill me I am not going to let any martians in my house until they prove which group of 50 they belong to.

Yes it really is that simple and nothing to feel guilty about.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We have only one political party with left and right wings, there is very little difference in either wing when it comes down to what is truly disintegrating our society and republic.

    1. SF - I am not so much speaking of political leaders although the same does apply. My point is those who go out seeking experts in any area are now going to find only the ones the establishment allows. At least if you are looking for certificates, promotions and prior positions etc.

  2. Replies
    1. Bah. Think it through Stephen I know you see it even if you won't speak it.

  3. Since our modern choices are either the tax-and-spend or spend-and-tax varieties, I see no reason to support either of them. And if I don't take the time to determine who my 'friends' are, then who will? It's only common sense.

    Good points, sir.

    1. RP - I was not even really talking about major politics. I am speaking about those around us. The police chief. The so called Military experts, etc. They didn't get there by thinking or spreading the common core ideas of Liberty. Any who did were weeded out.

  4. I look at this way. If you're looking to create something in your world, enable the identity of those who created it to begin with. If you're looking to destroy something in your world, disable the identity of those who created it.

    Whose identity has been disabled and what have been the results?

  5. Move deeper into the woods. That's the answer.

    1. Harry - They are not allowing us to flee any longer.

  6. Within the USArmy, anti-white racism, and "tab" politics has been present for a LONG time. Sergeant Major Academy was blatantly racist with my husband being told he would share his personal computer and type papers for certain people who couldn't spell or speak correct English. He didn't do it. Thus, he was the "acting" Sergeant Major for the remainder of his career. He just couldn't get promoted, as this history coupled with the board was run by men with a certain tab and they expected him to go to "that" school and get their coveted tab, despite his having won his beret and been A team for years. When he retired, his awards were downgraded without explanation. It's everywhere. He's happy knowing he always did the hard right, over the easy wrong, and often said they would reap their own rewards. We certainly see that today.
    I'd like to comment on your older post, essentially about being a prepper outside of the "redoubt". I agree, wholeheartedly, despite living in what is NOW called the redoubt. We moved here for work years ago and the culture and atmosphere were what was right for our family. I'm from MO but my asthma was always out of control there, otherwise we'd be there, as the soil is so much better for gardening and besides, my parents, kids and grandchildren live there.
    It's going to take good individuals living all over to get this country up and running again someday. We see people that have sold off their homes at a loss and moved out here just to be "in the redoubt". They don't have the skills or the equipment to tolerate our winters. Idaho real estate ad sites have plenty of sale ads for what I would loosely call "homes or cabins" on small plots where people have given up and are moving away. Wyoming real estate tends to be pricey enough to keep too many from making that mistake here. There is a lot of wisdom in the saying, "grow where you are planted", although I'm highly inclined to advise people to have a place outside of the city.
    One thing is for certain, preppers need to stay away from the "us vs. them" attitude as far as where we live. MO certainly has a great climate for sustainable living and that should be a top tier consideration.


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