Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Reading - The Real Enemy Shows Itself

I been pointing this out for 10 years or so now and although it has always been relatively obvious to me I find most people either are unable or refuse to see it.

The real enemy of freedom, individual rights and our way of life always has been feminist. It's not socialism or fascism, liberalism or anything else at least not in it's true form. Indeed feminism does use all the other isms it can ally with to help with it's cause but the underlying glue that binds them all together is Western Feminism and no where has this fact been shown in such complete clarity as it did in the protests witnessed in Washington D.C. and around the country yesterday.

Here is our enemy..... The real one's, not the poor allies that were brought over to pad the vote and act like patsies and a target for our anger. But the actual perpetrators of our hoped for downfall.

In fact these women are the most dangerous enemy men have ever faced because we cannot see them as the enemy. We can never make ourselves harm them as a group. Collectively they are the Achilles heel that Western Man has absolutely no defense against and no way to directly counter....

And they know it. They even welcome the degenerate Beta Males into their groups.

Their banners and signs claim to protest things that were never said or never threatened to be done. They claim the government has no right to deny them abortion but that has not been threatened by Trump so what they are really screaming about is the possible cutting of funds.

It ain't about their rights it's about their privileged government sanctioned looting of White Men and taxpayer funded, ever growing government debt.

They claim there is no equality. Yet even the local school district I live within has not had a Male Super or Principal in either of the schools for over 20 years. As a group they totally dominate many types of jobs, government employment and bidding processes and get special status while doing so.

What these women are protesting against is the possible end of their gravy train. The bloated government positions, over paid female dominated departments, Billions of tax payer dollars sunk into programs and projects for women, ran by women. They are frightened and like a cornered animal they are lashing out because they know the possible end or shrinking of the daddy state may in fact make them accountable for their own actions and choices in life.

They know that no matter how obvious and hateful they become that most Men will still treat them like a princess and refuse to tell them NO or stand their ground against them and they will continue to run us into the ground until we are so beaten that some other culture can waltz in and take over. Then claim we weren't real men to defend them.

So go ahead continue to place the blame on your mythical "Liberals" or "socialist" and turn a blind eye to the activist Women Feminist. Fall for the feminist trick of dangling a patsy in front of your face while they steal everything in your wallet.

Some of us at least know the truth....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. A guy I know went to the march in DC with his girl friend. She has him wearing a pink cap and was trying to get him to wear depends like she is just in case there is no where to go to a bath room.
    He wasn't sure if he would wear depends so I told him that he would likely do as he was told.
    I have been thinking over the last days how things could come to this, it is almost like watching a bunch of cows herd through DC with some steers thrown in to make the crowd look larger. I think your perspective on what is going on is right, it is almost a "running of the cows" through our society and will die out with the next generation. It really feels like a temporary thing as it goes so strongly against nature and things that go against nature eventually fail as time is the great equalizer.

    1. Lemmings. I think lemmings would be more appropriate; though I can see your point about the cows.

  2. Hmmm, I don't know if it can be broken until women decide they should behave honourably once again. But after three generations of the second wave feminists pumping their poisonous hatred, most people have swallowed at least some of their nonsense.

    b g

  3. "Third Wave Feminists" are using tactics straight from the old communists/socialists...create imagined enemies where there are none, portray yourselves as *victims* to garner public sympathy and support, keep complaints vague, not specific and, when all else fails, employ violence.

    1. Hmmm, actually many of the second wave leaders were Marxist-Leninists intent on destroying the nuclear family to create a new utopia. Even the first wave, the Suffragettes, were not above using terrorism.

      b g

  4. Yes, these "feminists" are real pieces of work. For those of us who choose to stay home, use our husbands last name, we must be controlled or brain washed. They themselves don't want to admit that they may be part of the problem.

  5. It's particularly alarming (or maybe humorous) to read this after a weekend spent consoling a dear friend and helping him clean up his house after the departure of his back-stabbing, mental-illness-wallowing feminist ex-wife.

    She tells me she feels sorry for me. Asks what I'd like to do for myself. Hah. I have no use for her pity, and I'd like to get back to my work now.

  6. first off, glad your around. I thought kymber did a white ops and took you out. White Ops?? Well it is winter... I agree with your assessment. While researching the net, I came across a group of men, who all want to be changed into women...Just sicking. I'm talking taking female hormone's and having little billy cut off.

  7. Well, what do ya expect? Feminism IS western culture. Think about it. feminism/feminine dominance is one of the most core features of paganism, especially wica. but all paganism, which festered in Europe for millennia. It came to this continent at it's earliest times. Think I'm wrong? Go drive through old farm country and look at all the five pointed stars boldly painted on barns. Straight out of pagan religions, as are a lot of the old superstitions. People calling themselves Christian, but thinking astrology, ouija boards, and potions are acceptable. Our real enemy has been hard at work at getting it seen as such. And it's been lurking in the shadows in this country from day one. Christmas is just the winter solstice re branded, Easter the feast of ishtar, etc, etc. Me thinks this is just the mask coming off real western culture.

    Think I stepped on a few toes this time lol. And part of why I think the Lord wanted me to go grey. You'll likely make a target of yourself talking treasonous things like that as well my friend.

    Good to hear you're still full of piss n vinegar ;)

    Been prying for ya.


  8. As a Canadian looking in I find it funny and scary that the same idiots who funded the ralies also funded ones in Canada. Trump is not our problem, they are just looking for an excuse to riot and claim victim status.


  9. You can bet that every one of them is a liberal, or socialist, or communist. All "do as I say, not as I do" people.
    And while reading, all I saw was Adam and Eve.

    Do you mind if I share this post to my faceless book page?
    A blessed week to you.

  10. there were things that needed correction, such as women engineers told they wouldn't be hired because they were female, and med schools turning down all female applicants regardless of ability.
    but, hijacking occurred and now the fifth column has the whole movement and has perverted it.
    they do not speak for women.
    they don't want human beings to have babies, to be content or to be patriotic.
    the evil one is behind it all but has millions of willing minions, many of whom are unwitting.
    it is really the fight of good versus evil.
    it will continue until the end of time.
    just pray for everything and everyone.
    the only useful thing most of us can do.

  11. Recovering feminist here. If you opened a door for me in 1978 you'd get a 30 minute lecture about how I didn't need your male dominating help. Lord, what a bore I was. You nailed it with your gravy train comment. These women not only want the right to do what they want with their own bodies they want ME to pay for it with my hard earned taxes. So who exactly is (trying to) oppress whom here?


    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don't know how to cook or clean, don't want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

  13. And now that Obama has signed into law the draft for women AND the Marines are stating there will be no special arrangements for sleeping in the war time theater we will loose to the communist and socialist enemies of our country. There is no way a platoon of raging hormone 18 year olds thrown in together can be a remotely effective fighting machine. PERIOD!

    As an old woman (and wife and mother) who has worked in both male and female dominated fields there are few women who realize what they have gotten themselves into. I much preferred working with the men. Why? To quote Erin Barnett of Eugene Oregon on November 10th 2016 "I'd spent the last two days in grief, lying in my bed" (because of the election). REALLY? Adults don't do that - and MEN can't get away with infantile moves like that - win or lose. We have jobs and are responsible. I find most of these women to be a true embarrassment to women who actually think. Redder

    1. Men are far better to work with, sorry gal's. I had men work for me in my cattle business and they simply did the work, the two all women crews I had were one big soap opera!

  14. Fuck me what a post! Well done that man!

  15. Fuck me what a post! Well done that man!

  16. I see hopeful signs. The wife's church is increasing its membership in dribs and drabs - lots of young people. It's good to see the little ones tearing about and growing up like regular kids should.

    I agree with Sunnybrook. All this tripe about transgendered, feminist victim whoring is going to go away. These folks obviously aren't happy even with the gravy train.

    Trump was only the beginning. The pendulum is swinging back again.

    Good to see ya back again PP!

  17. I am in awe of your assessment of feminists...and the movement as a whole. I am a woman and have worked in male dominated environments. I made the decision to do so. ME....I did not expect to have the playing field leveled with multiple support programs.
    The huge cry for equal pay does not take in to account the extra input that companies provide in the way of maternity leave, day care and assorted 'benefits'. The lowering of standards to meet hiring practice have been detrimental to many of our Police and Firefighting forces. Not because women are not smart enough to do these things but because they are not usually big or strong enough. THIS is not a fault but a difference in the basic make up of the human race. Get over it men and women are not equal. Lets celebrate and support the differences not force equality to the incredible detriment of both respect for each other and the reality of a job well done!

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  19. Rest In peace, you will be missed by a number of people.

    Death is the last chapter in time, but the first chapter in eternity.

    RIP Bro

    your friend kimber

    1. Kimber? Did he??

    2. what the heck?!?!?! that is the KIMBER TROLL! my name is, and always has been, kymber. this KIMBER TROLL has been around a number of blogs. i am trying to get in touch with PP and hope to have some news about him soon. i will let everyone know when i hear from him.

      the real kymber

  20. Oh! How sad. I had a feeling when he quit blogging that this would happen. He spent all his free time on Hentai Manga, stopped doing the chores on the Smallhold, and laid around on the couch all day long.

    your friend, even in the next life

    soo mi

  21. can't believe how many deaths there have been recently RIP

    your friend forever


  22. I loved your content PP. My opinions and tastes may change but you have always been a wonderful person through it all and have expressed ideals that I wish more in this world had. Perhaps then we would be more accepting and loving of those around us.

    rest in peace

    your friend


  23. I can't believe it. Every day, we lose somebody important to us, but today is truly a tragedy. Why is it that those who bring light to this world are the ones who go away the earliest? Why did hentai manga have to take him? Why is it that he couldn't stay with us longer? Rest in peace,PP.

    You will be missed.


  24. I had no idea he had died till I came to comments now. He is surely missed. Sarah

  25. PP - please just respond to one of my emails so that i can let everyone know that you are ok.

    sending love, always, buddy. your friend,

  26. ok enough already.

    start blogging again.

    that's an order.

    you're friend kimber

  27. can't believe how many deaths there have been recently RIP

    thai porn

  28. there were things that needed correction, such as women engineers told they wouldn't be hired because they were female, and med schools turning down all female applicants regardless of ability.


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