Sunday, May 29, 2016

Not Much to Say

Ya I know I been lacking in the posting and replies to comments lately. Not much to say really what with work all of a sudden going nuts and the rain. I did finally get a day off today and no rain too!!! But that went to just getting the grass mowed and caught up on the other minor chores I been letting slip due to my part time job becoming 10+ hours of over time in three days.

The good news (and bad for mowing) is the rain has really boosted the hay and grass growth in the pastures and has went a long way in settling the new posts into place so once it dries up (and I get time) I can finish Frazier's paddock and begin preparations for the next stage.

Between that though I am going to have to stop and bale the front field within the next few weeks though. Whenever I get a good four or five day window of dry weather forecast anyway.

Wednesday is castration day though so I know I won't be working passed mid-morning that day. Poor little guys. I always feel bad about castration day. It's an extra expense I know many sheep breeders don't worry about preferring to take the lambs to market before they get too old but I have seen some early maturing rams cause issues if kept too long. That and I prefer to fatten our lambs up a bit more for a better payout come market day too. If I was feeding hay and grain only I would perhaps see it differently but with so much pasture it pays off better to let em get a bit heavier on the free feed.

Grass has been so plentiful this season so far some of the ewes are already weaning their lambs early too. So far the conditions do not appear to be wet enough for the barberpole worms to make an appearance. That and it has been slightly warmer too. I been watching the flock close though because those things are nasty bad.

Perhaps I will have a bit more to report on tomorrow. If not enjoy Memorial day and remember those who gave their lives for our Nation.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. My part time job is finally slacking off though I don't work near the hours you do, it really makes a difference on what one can get done at home. We are getting rain coming from the storm in the Atlantic but I did get the tomato crop planted along with peppers so let it rain.
    I used a good bit of my canned tomato juice Friday night as the dog tangled with a skunk, so I was happy that I had it on hand. Sounds like you will have a good spring for the sheep if the worms can stay away. Can you treat them before they get the worms? Have a good holiday.

    1. Sf -Luckily we haven;t had any skunk issues in some time here.

      You're right I am getting pretty much nothing done here right now. These 12 hour shifts are killing me.

  2. We also need to cut hay but we've been getting too much rain. This week the only dry day will be Wednesday so this won't be a good week for it either.

    1. Lisa - Ya I have no clue when I am going to get a window large enough to gamble on the hay baling. Luckily right now the front field is so small I have a little more leeway.


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