Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm Back..... Sorta.

I'm back. Actually fixing the computer wasn't all that hard and I had it up and running again late Wednesday evening. What hit me like a ton of bricks was a little incident from a week ago where one of my co-workers is now attempting to play some games thinking he could hit the ghetto lottery. I am not going to go into a great amount of detail but suffice it to say my full time position equivalent is attempting to claim a serious injury where one just doesn't exist. He thought he was going to get some light duty and hang out in the office chatting with the girls all day, with maybe the opportunity of a lucrative lawsuit and instead got sent home since his light duty restrictions meant they had nothing for him to do.

He is biting nails now finding out workers comp only pays 66% and doesn't include the lost overtime he manages to sneak in each week either, or that the company isn't going to supply him with a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Yet he can't back out of it now and so it falls to me to pick up the slack time.

Sooo I been working 12 hour shifts the last two days.

It just never seems to fail that I find a job that seems to work great at first and then after a short amount of time snowballs into a primary living space making my home the real part time job. I am sure I am not alone here. You all know what I am talking about.

Means more spare change to put towards fence stuff though I guess.

Anyway it's been raining almost non-stop the last couple of days so I couldn't have gotten any progress done regardless.

I am now starting to worry about a repeat of the barberpole worm epidemic we had during the monsoon rains last year.

So there is my status update. I will get back to posting again as soon as this blows over. AT the very least I will get two days off for the holiday weekend anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. It's a rotten thing to say, PP, but I hope WC tells him to go fly a kite! It's horrible - up here the big sham is to slip and fall on the ice on somebody's sidewalk and then sue them into penury! My next door neighbour did it and sued the county for $75k - and got away with it. That wheel goes round though - he lost most of it in a messy divorce and I think the whole experience humbled him and he learned from it. Today he is a stand-up guy.

    Some times bad people are just good folks that haven't been touched by an anvil yet...

  2. Get all the extra work you can, I think we will need the money soon.
    At least your dog didn't just go catch a skunk like mine did.
    We actually got a few sunny days so I worked in the garden but your rain is heading this way I think. Oh and I planted some more of the tobacco you sent and the plants are looking good.

  3. Sounds like he is a card carrying member of Sanders for dictator. Liberal freeloader...Give him some EXLAX or something like it.... He will get the royal job

  4. Well the old saying goes, "It's one thing to ride the saw, it's another to drag your feet."

    Money for nothing leeching are going to find that the real minimum wage is zero, and others will find that being the last person someone would want to fire is sometimes a saving grace in bad times. If the company only has to lay off half it's work force and isn't tied up in union seniority rules you want to be in the half that is actually getting 80% of the work done anyway.

  5. Too dry not enough feed, too wet and parasite issues! It is never easy but maybe thats why when it works it is so satisfying?

  6. jam feels your pain, PP. when he first started doing his "part-time contract" work was awesome. now he has worked every single day....EVERY SINGLE DAY...since this past january whether it be here at home or on-site. it's making both of us nuts. but getting the extra income at this time is good for us. banking that money for a rainy day will pay off....and for'll be able to finish that fence. he really feels your do i!

    sending much love. your friend,

  7. It's hard picking up someone else's slack but the extra money always come in handy.


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