Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Off Line for a Bit

I tried replacing the fans in my computer and after that it now refuses to even fire up. Not sure if I blew the power supply up or just unhooked something but I can't figure it out and I refuse to use Mrs. PP's computer longer than a few minutes at a time. So until I get this figured out I guess I am off line. Doesn't make any sense all I did was disconnect the old fans and replace em but not so much as a spark of life from my old computer now and I have been scratching my head over it all evening.

Too tired to care now.

Be back soon I hope.

But Keep Prepping in the mean time!!!!!!


  1. I wish you were closer, I work on old computers at least I used to. Power supplies just die sometimes but be careful as that is the one place that you have 110 in a computer. Could even be a bad on/off button. I have a bunch of computers that people give me. The first thing I do is replace windows with one of several versions of Linux depending on the memory and speed of the computer and what it will be used for. Linux is free and runs faster and safer than windows. That won't help you though since your machine won't even beep. The only thing I can suggest, short of a new power supply is to reseat all connections to the motherboard, one at a time so as to not mix them up.

  2. Often there is a master power switch on the back of the power supply. Sometimes it inadvertently gets hit when taking case off. Since you virtually never power on or off with it, it becomes invisible. Make sure power cord seated all the way and master power press towards 1. This advice as a result of a very ugly day about 20 years ago.

  3. just come back when you can! if you send jam a detailed analysis/diagnosis he might be able to help. otherwise - just get yer butt back on line when you can.

    sending much love bro! your friend,

  4. Good luck Friend. Hurry back - we miss you already!

  5. Did you try replacing the hamster?
    Maybe his wheel needs some WD40.
    If not get a bigger hammer!

  6. Hope you manage to sort it out mate, tech problems infuriate me I don't have the patience for fiddly electrics and wires


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